Biggest and emerging female guitarists

The magnificent wood and string collection that is the guitar has been revived in the last decade or so. However, the melody maker now falls into the hands. a new generation of players who happened to be women… It used to be the prerogative of men, and when it came to female axes, there were few exceptions. Lita Ford and Joan Jett there were only a few people who dared to plunge into the male-dominated world of guitar; however, this is undoubtedly in the past, as a 2018 Fender study found that more and more women are attracted to the guitar.

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The music world seems to be witnessing the dawn of the female guitar revolution, and with this new generation of young arpeggio performers, pentatone-scaled women breaking through doors, the industry has no choice but to sit back and enjoy the ride.

7 Neely Brosh

This woman with an ax was born in Israel in 1988 and enjoys the genres of heavy metal, hard rock and industrial. Former female member Iron Maidens, Brosh also spoke with Danny Elfman… Picking up a guitar at age 7, Brosh began studying classical guitar and then moved on to heavy rock when he learned about the band. Extreme… The Brosh family moved to Boston when she was 12 years old, where she was going to attend Berkeley College of Music (you can see another Berkeley graduate on this list). From collaborating with bands and finally living on her own, you can instantly recognize Brosh by her neon yellow color. Ibanez, her crazy kicks and licks, and her very prominent dimpled chin.


6 Courteney Cox

Female leading ax for Iron maidens, Courteney Cox Metallic licks and quick kicks have allowed her to play with bands like Femme Fatales and The Starbreakers. Entering the stage at an early age, Cox developed a love for guitar music while attending Paul Green’s rock school. In accordance with AskingCox explained that it was during a live performance at Paul Green’s rock school, where she was first attracted by the stage: “It was probably my first time on stage,” she continued, “just hearing this eruption from the crowd. and exchanging power with the audience. You just close your eyes and let go of everything, and the next thing you know, the show is over. It’s like, “Ooh, that was cool! I like it. I want to keep doing it. ” Perhaps in the future, Courtney will join her fellow Iron Maidens guitarist Nita Strauss and start teaching the next group of potential guitarists online. Spread the wealth, as they say.

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5 Beabadoobee

Beatrice Laus went from a girl from West London, dreaming to decorate the stage, to a full-fledged rising star. Stage name adoption beabadoobeeThe self-taught guitarist used YouTube lessons to learn how to play the guitar. Inspired by indie rock, movie soundtracks, and traditional music from the Philippines, beabadoobee spoke to Vice about her future musical endeavors, namely film soundtracks: “My very traditional Asian family had a classic way of thinking: ‘playing an orchestral instrument’ or ‘being a doctor.’ Today people are starting to compose beats on a laptop, but hopefully I encourage young people to pick up a guitar and start playing! YouTube tutorials are a great way to develop your own style and move at your own pace. “

4 Shana Cleveland

Shana grew up in Kalamazoo but now calls California home. Her surfing style and groovy psychedelic phrases are both calming and unsettling. Frontman La Luz owns a guitar as well as a banjo and began the process of expanding and experimenting with her sound on her solo album, Night of the Worm Moonback in 2019. Besides being an accomplished musician and songwriter, Cleveland He is also a talented illustrator.

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3 Jackie Wenson

The Austin, Texas native is another Berkeley graduate who graduated from College of Music in 2011 (although she studied composition and studio production). Inspired by a classmate in Berkeley Wenson decided to take the guitar after seeing her classmate having fun. Jackie combines blues, soul and pop into musical guitar extinguishing, while owning Fender strat or Gibson Les Paul, Wenson plays the matching guitars flawlessly. As the daughter of a seasoned musician who influenced, for example, Alicia Keys and Buddy guy and licks for days, Jackie bathes the scene in soulful blues magic.

2 Phoebe Bridgers

Phoebe was born in sunny California in 1994. He studied at Berkeley, but later dropped out. Bridgers enjoys indie rock, folk and emo genres, plays bass and guitar well. Guitarist, singer and songwriter has collaborated with musicians such as Lord and Taylor swiftall the time wielding (and even smashing it during one of her SNL gigs) her Danelectro… She has two studio albums under her belt, and the Grammy-nominated guitarist is not going to slow down.

one Gina Gleason

The guitarist from Philadelphia has performed with musicians such as Smashing pumpkins and Carlos Santana, to name a few. Currently – the lead guitarist of Baroness, Gleason performed with Cirque du Soleil as Muse in the production Michael Jackson: One in Las Vegas. Gleason was also one of the founders of the women’s Metallica tribute Misstallica and was the lead guitarist for the King Diamond Queen Diamond tribute. Telecaster weapons, trill bending (awesome technique), alternative sound guitarist continues to show that Philly has more to offer the world than Cheesy Steak and Rocky.

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