Bill Gates is spending a lot of money on his daughter’s wedding.

Money is definitely not an obstacle, it fulfills every wish that 25 year old Jennifer Gates is a very possible reality. Without any financial restrictions, Jennifer and her fianc ن Niall Nasser are planning their dream wedding, and it is safe to say that nothing will be ‘normal’ about this wedding.

High profile marriages. This is often the case with royal, celebrity affairs, and it certainly won’t disappoint. In fact, it is rumored that in addition to the celebrities who are expected to attend, several dignitaries are also on the guest list.

Fans are amazed by the over-the-top decorations, flowers and special details that this wedding will definitely cover, and There is a lot of echo around this wedding gown, But believe it or not, this is not what is increasing the value of this wonderful event. The biggest part of the $ 2 million price tag expected for this wedding is surprisingly … the result of construction.

Wedding venue

It is safe to say that Jennifer can marry wherever she wants, and she has chosen her 124-acre horse farm that her parents own. The land, located in North Salem, New York, is said to have left گی 16 million in Bill Gates’ pocket at the time of purchase.

One would think that the wider and more expensive the property, the higher the aesthetics. It is hoped that this amazing property will make you proud. While this is certainly true, it was not ‘perfect enough’ for Jennifer, who has spent most of her wedding budget on custom land for her special day.

The estimated cost of the شن 2 million celebration is largely due to overcrowding, and several structures are said to have been built on the land.

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Custom build

There will be a hefty budget for all the extravagant floral and extravagant details associated with this weekend’s wedding, but Jennifer’s focus has been on building custom structural elements to prepare for her grand event. Will

It includes a number of temporary structures that have been built over the past several weeks, including many pavilions that are made entirely of glass. There is also a specially sized stage designed for this special day, allowing fans to guess who the big actor will be.

Fancy white tents have been set up, and a huge structure is being built there, the purpose of which has not yet been revealed. The state-of-the-art steel and glass pavilions are custom-made and are said to boast of extensive fixtures and flawless details.

Portable bathroom units are fancy and designed specifically for the event in which luxury and elegance are the focus of their design.

All eyes are on the big event this weekend, with the hope that some photos will be shared on social media.

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