Billie Joe Armstrong turned down Miley Cyrus’s New Year TV show for this reason

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong was forced to withdraw from his performance at Miley Cyrus’ New Years Eve Party due to Covid-19 Infection.

The NBC Special, hosted by Wrecking Ball singer and comedian Pete Davidson, will include performances by Jack Harlow, Brandi Carlisle, Savity Anitta and more.

Green Day frontman got infected

Green Day Frontman Cancels New Year's Eve On NBC Due To Contact With Covid 19
Via Instagram

V Boulevard of Broken Dreams the rocker was among the special guests confirmed to perform at the New Years celebration. He took to his Instagram Stories to share the news that he had close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID.


Despite the negative test result, he believes it is best not to travel. He wrote: “After the holiday, I learned that I had contracted COVID. I have a negative result, but I decided not to go to Miami for the New Year’s party out of caution. Happy New Year and hope everyone stays safe! “

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Surprise guests on NBC’s New Year TV show

The Miley & Pete Show will replace Carson Daily’s longtime television series, which he has hosted since 2004. While it seems unlikely that Davidson and Cyrus will pair up, the couple are old friends and they even have a matching tattoo!

The talented duo appeared on a sketch on Saturday Night Live in 2017 as rap babies and decided to get matching tattoos to commemorate the funny moment. Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michael will executive produce the event, so expect lots of laughs.

Miley said: “We were dressed like babies, everything seemed funny and beautiful. For some reason, we looked at each other and thought, “This is a great tattoo … we do this.”

Ironically, Davidson has since had his wrist tattoo removed. “He drinks Smartwater and laser erases his tattoos… and I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, we babies were there,” Cyrus said, showing off the design that still appears on her leg.

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Cyrus has posted dozens of rehearsal images on her Twitter, teasing upcoming performances with rapper / singer Saviti and her talented sister Noah Cyrus.

NBC has yet to announce a replacement for the rocker but is promising a slew of unexpected guests. It’s unclear if this applies to Davidson’s girlfriend Kim Kardashian, with whom he spent a lot of time. You can watch the New Years celebrations live from Miami from 10:30 pm in the USA.

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