Billy Fiers and Greg Shepard criticized for picking up kids from school during the semester for a trip to Abu Dhabi

BILLY Fiers and husband Greg Shepherd faced backlash for taking his children to Abu Dhabi during the school term.

Greg showed his family boarding a fancy business class flight along with a giant name cake as fans wondered if it was allowed.


Greg Shepherd Demonstrates His Business Class Flight in Abu Dhabi to Billy Fires and Their KidsCredit: Instagram/gregory_shep

In a video posted to Instagram, Greg captured the family entering the airport as son Arthur wanders into the business lounge.

His video then showed Arthur leaning back in his luxurious business class seat, and later looking excited to eat an impressive meal prepared for dinner.

Greg then captured the happy reaction as the airline staff brought in a huge rectangle of baked strawberries that read, “Welcome to Abu Dhabi.”

He also shared a photo of his wife enjoying the cake.

Greg captioned the post: “Let the Abu Dhabi adventure begin….🛫
Our first flight with @etihad, great service from start to finish #etihad 🇦🇪.”

Sharing family selfies in the business class section, fans wondered how they could be allowed to pick up their kids, seven-year-old Nellie and five-year-old Arthur, from school.

“Kids spend more time on vacation than at school, no wonder Arthur plays along that they don’t have a normal daily routine,” commented one irate fan.

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Another added, “Are you just paying a school fine for taking your kids to class?”

A third wrote: “How many vacations do your kids have to miss so many important schooling?! What a life!”

It is an offense to take young children out of school during the term and carries a fine of £120.

But any time during the school term may be at the principal’s discretion and may vary by institution.

Schools will follow the guidelines, combined with their own decisions, to ultimately decide if a child can be taken out of school.

But usually only in exceptional circumstances do they allow an absence during the semester, such as a family injury, illness or death of a family member.

Parents need the written consent of the school principal to leave.

Greg did not respond to the criticism, but “liked” a comment in his defence, which also indicated that the airline likely paid for it.

“Considering the fact that he’s tagged etihad, he’s probably gifted in some way, so I wouldn’t say no either!” read the comment.

But someone else countered: “He should have said if it was a gift, a sponsor, or a paid partnership. It’s illegal not to do this… but I agree with what you’re saying.”

Debate over whether or not it was a sponsored trip flared when Billie faced constant reprimands for her paid post.

Billie joined Chet Johnson when she was scolded for not “consistently” telling her millions of followers that their posts were ads.

The couple are the latest big names to be added to the UK’s official list of names and infamy, joining the likes of Charlotte Crosby and Scotty T.

Billy, 32, and Chet, 31, were subjected to “selective heightened monitoring checks” for violating advertising rules.

Influencers are supposed to make it clear to users that they are promoting something online by using #ad in the caption.

The advertising oversight agency, ASA, monitors stars to see how candid they are in their social media posts.

Those who continue to hide that they are happy with the ads face further sanctions.

Officials will even set up their own ads naming and shaming those caught on Instagram.

“We’ve already placed this sanction on a small group of powerful people who don’t follow the rules,” an ASA spokesman told Kristen Bell Tattoos.

“It turned out to be successful.

“We began to apply sanctions against seven influential individuals, six of whom subsequently moved to the case.

“We’re keeping a close eye on the rest.”

The stars of TOWIE and Ex on the Beach joined five others.

X factor and get me out of here! runner-up Jake Quickenden was added in early May.

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Charlotte Dawson was staged in April, followed by Charlotte Crosby in March.

Only after three months of correct disclosure of ads, they will be removed from the list.

Billy enjoyed a custom-made cake given to her family on the plane.


Billy enjoyed a custom-made cake given to her family on the plane.Credit: Instagram/gregory_shep
Five-year-old son Arthur was very pleased with his dinner.


Five-year-old son Arthur was very pleased with his dinner.Credit: Instagram/gregory_shep
But fans wondered how they were able to pick up their kids from school during the semester.


But fans wondered how they were able to pick up their kids from school during the semester.Credit: Instagram/gregory_shep

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