BiP’s Serena Pitt Jokes About Age Gap With Fiance Joe Amabile

Clipback!  BIP's Serena Pitt entertained her fianc جو Joe Amabile over the age difference.

Serena Pitt and Joe Amabile. ABC / Craig Sjuden.

Oh Snap! Bachelor in Heaven.Of Serena Pitt She is having fun with her fianc at the age of 11. جو امابائل۔ With a little help from Black Lively. And Ryan Reynolds.

In her latest tic-tac-toe video on Wednesday, October 13, Serena, 23, raised a question that Joe has been asked a lot about since he was 34 years old. Recommended at the end of season 7. of the Bach. Spin-Off: “Why are you dealing with someone who is 11 years older than you?”

The answer to this question includes a photo gallery of famous couples with a big age difference between the couples: Alive, 34, and Reynolds., 44 Adam representative, 42, and Bahati Princelo., 33 Beyonc, 40, and JZ, 51 And George Clooney., 60, and Amal Clooney., 43.

The last shot of the video showed Serena smiling. Her diamond engagement ring As if to tell the audience, he and his fianc are in good company.

“Mama said it’s okay” Lucas Graham As its soundtrack

Joe also shared a video on his Instagram story, commenting, “I mean … she’s not lying.”

Earlier this month, BIP The couple said We are weekly. That they were Planning to move forward together In the spring. “We’re probably deciding between three locations, either Toronto, Chicago or New York,” Joe said Oct. 6. “We’ll find out.”

کنوارہ Season 25’s Alumni agreed, noting that the pair have “a little time” before they take any major action. Explaining that they are excited to take the next step in their relationship, the decision will depend on “whatever matters most to us personally and professionally at the moment.” ۔


Mama said, “All right.” # Mama # مانس #mamasaiditwasok # Bachelor Nation #fyp #for you For #page.

Mama said – Lucas Graham.

However, the Toronto resident admitted that his parents wanted to say something about him. Next steps with the former grocer..

“I think the shock was the first emotion, definitely a shock, but I mean we have a great relationship,” Serena said. We Her parents found out about the engagement. “They’re very loving and helpful and as far as I’m concerned, they’re still a little shocked – I mean, it’s just very unconventional. [but] They are just excited to be a part of it and be able to share it with their family and friends and get to know Joe more.

Serena’s family may already know something about her Chicago-based fianc. He made a brief history. companion BIP Alum Kendall Long., Who appeared with them in Season 7, before Joe suggested to Serena, Kendall, 30, is back in heaven. To get something Close with your ex boyfriend, Whom she met in the summer of 2018 on Season 5 of Spin Off.

“I’m so excited for you and Serena.” The California resident said. On Season 7 ends. “And I felt like I couldn’t leave the beach completely without, as it were, in front of you.”

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