Blac Chyna hits back at ex Rob Kardashian, claiming there was no settlement ahead of revenge lawsuit

BLAC Chyna hit back at the former Rob Kardashian, alleging she rejected the settlement ahead of their revenge lawsuit, as Kristen Bell Tattoos can exclusively reveal.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum, who is due to perform next week, is reportedly trying to convince the judge to force her to go through with it.


Rob is able to take the stand again when he fights Chyna in court.
Blac Chyna lost a $100 million case against the Kardashian family earlier this year.


Blac Chyna lost a $100 million case against the Kardashian family earlier this year.

New court documents filed in Los Angeles this week and seen by Kristen Bell Tattoos show China’s lawyer Lynn Ciani criticized Rob’s lawyer, calling the motion to uphold the purported settlement “not serious.”

“Defendant Rob Kardashian is desperately trying to avoid the consequences of the upcoming jury trial in the claim of the plaintiff Angela White for retaliation against him,” opposition newspapers say.

The lawyer insists that Rob should be punished for trying to “enforce” two “draft settlement agreements” that Chyna, whose real name is Angela White, never signed.

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Her lawyer continues to claim that they contacted Rob’s lawyer in mid-May of this year to discuss a settlement, and Ciani offered two possible scenarios.

These included settling a previous case they were involved in, Jones v. Kardashian et al., without Chyna having to pay, or settling a revenge porn case in exchange for payment.

“In response, the defendant sent two draft settlement agreements in connection with the first potential settlement scenario: one draft agreement in this case and a second draft agreement in the case of Jones v. Kardashian and others,” the documents say.

After the rejection of draft settlement agreements on the first potential settlement scenario, both parties allegedly took part in another telephone discussion on May 27 on the second potential settlement.

“Four full days after the defendant now absurdly alleges that a binding settlement was entered into between the parties on May 23, 2022,” Chyna’s lawyer exploded.

The papers conclude, “Plaintiff Angela White respectfully requests that Respondent’s motion to enforce the proposed settlement be dismissed in its entirety.”

Her lawyer is asking for Chyna to be allowed to start a trial on her revenge pornography claim starting June 20, with a hearing scheduled for Thursday as the judge has not yet ruled.

If the case does go to trial, it will be the second legal battle between Rob and his family against the former adult dancer, after Chyna lost her $100 million case against Rob’s sisters and mom Kris Jenner earlier this year.

If the case moves forward, Rob will be represented by attorney Todd Egan and Chyna has rehired Lynn Ciani.

The revenge porn case was originally supposed to start on May 5th.

In her initial statement, Chyna claimed she had suffered “significant damage” following her ex’s troubling social media war against her in July 2017.

At the time, 35-year-old Rob shared three graphic images of Chyna online.

He also accused the mother of his only five-year-old daughter, Dream, of cheating and claimed that she was using drugs and abusing alcohol at the time.

The 34-year-old star denied these claims.

Rob, who barely leaves the house due to crippling social anxiety, dropped his own lawsuit against his ex over their toxic relationship, but he may still have to testify in the case.

He appeared in court during his family’s trial and appeared emotional when he spoke about their alleged abusive relationship, in which he claimed Chyna beat him with a six-foot metal pole and held a gun to his head during an argument in late 2016.

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Chyna accused his family of contract interference after their show Rob and Chyna was canceled after one season, as well as defamation for saying she beat Rob.

After she lost her case and was awarded zero damages by a jury, she has been desperate to raise money for legal fees as her lawyer insists she will appeal.

Rob accused Chyna in court of pointing a gun at his head, which she denied.


Rob accused Chyna in court of pointing a gun at his head, which she denied.
The couple previously had their own E!  Spin-off of Kardashian, Rob and Chyna


The couple previously had their own E! Spin-off of Kardashian, Rob and Chyna
The Kardashians won a $100 million lawsuit with Chyna.


The Kardashians won a $100 million lawsuit with Chyna.

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