‘Black Adam’ Cast Confirms What It’s Like To Have Pierce Brosnan On Set

It’s no surprise that people loved working with Pierce Brosnan, as he’s earned one of the best on-set reputations of celebrities past and present throughout his long career. Hell, Brosnan’s 007 co-star Halle Berry even claims he saved her life on the set of Die Another Day (via evening show). And according to his Black Adam co-stars Sarah Shahi, Mo Amer and Aldis Hodge, Brosnan more than lives up to that reputation these days.

The trio, who portray Adrianna Tomaz (aka Isis), Adrianna’s witty brother Karim, and Carter Hall (aka Hawkman) in the film, respectively, absolutely adored Brosnan and his presence on set in a recent interview with Collider. In fact, Shahi apparently went out of her way during the conversation to come back and throw some love at Brosnan, stating, “Can we talk about Pierce? Because he’s kind of like my favorite person.” The actor then detailed how great Brosnan was with his kids on set before announcing, “I tell you, I can’t say enough good things about this man. He’s incredible.”

Amer apparently agreed with the comedian-turned-actor, who hinted that Brosnan’s enthusiasm on set was infectious and helped calm his nerves during their first scene together. Hodge also noted Brosnan’s excitement in his admiration, adding that he had rarely worked with such a down to earth star. “He’s really just, I mean, the salt of the earth, really the best, the best. And the thing is, he was excited about it too, just as excited. And if the rave comments keep coming in, people will probably line up to work with Brosnan for as long as he keeps going.

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