Blue Bloods’ Erin Reagan Seems to Confirm Season 13’s Main Storyline

In the season 12 finale of Blue Bloods, Erin Reagan announced that she intended to run for district attorney. However, it was unclear if this choice would come to fruition in season 13 or how it might play out. Now, Bridget Moynahan has all but confirmed that the DA race will feature prominently in the upcoming season, thanks to an eloquent statement. Instagram mail. In the photo, the actress is holding a T-shirt that reads “Elect Erin Reagan as District Attorney of Manhattan.” The caption reads: “Do I have your vote?”

Fans and friends filled the comments section with words of approval. “Detective Baker approves!” wrote Moynahan’s co-star Abigail Hawk. Other commenters wondered if the prop shirt would sell. “Terrific!” wrote @mariahart73. “I need one of these shirts!” It is likely that the T-shirt will join the series. Shop onlinewhich included such hits as the Team Jamko coffee mug and the Tom Selleck cardboard figure.

For executive producer Kevin Wade, Erin’s DA job was highly anticipated. “We’ve played her under four or five district attorneys, with whom she often clashed over principles and ways and means,” Wade said. Term. “It’s time for her to ask [the job] announcing that he is running for office.”

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