‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Have Violent Opinions About Margaret Dutton

Lorraine Bracco as Margaret Dutton spent her time fighting one-on-one with Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck). In fact, in her first appearance, she threatened to fire Frank from his position as police commissioner. Luckily for Reagan and his team, they found she didn’t have the authority to do so. But this was not a new idea for the Blue Bloods.

Dutton was not the first mayor to clash with Reagan. Frank Russo (Bruce Altman) started the series at City Hall and argued with Frank almost every time he showed up. His political aspirations were number one in his mind, and despite the facts presented, he never gave in to the winds of political change. He was followed by Mayor Carter Poole (David Ramsey), who brought a more subtle character to the office. While they’ve had their fair share of conflicts, the couple has become very adept at finding the middle ground. Pool seemed to understand that running a city and protecting a city required two different approaches. Their relationship seemed to blossom to the point that Frank was sad to see him leave when he decided to retire.

Dutton stepped in as interim and bridged the gap from one elected mayor to the next by deciding not to run for a full term and handing over the post to Peter Chase (Dylan Walsh). While Chase’s first job is to cause a rift between the Reagans by convincing Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) to run for New York District Attorney, some fans were ready to see Dutton leave.

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