Bob Saget and his wife Kelly Rizzo had the sweetest love story ever

Kelly Rizzo suffered greatly due to the death of her husband Bob Saget, with whom she spent 6 years.

Their story is filled with romance and laughter …

But, unfortunately, it was interrupted when news broke that Saget had died at the age of only sixty-five.

Read on to find out all about their love-filled relationship …

Saget’s sudden death came as a surprise to many.

And ever since the news broke, fans, friends, and co-stars have paid tribute to the iconic performer.

This became known on Sunday, January 9th.

The star was tragically found unconscious in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando.

Saget was best known for his role as Danny Tanner in the ’80s sitcom. Full house

The hit sitcom ran from 1987 to 1995, with Saget later reprizing the role in 2016 for the Netflix reboot. Fuller House

Fuller House ran for 4 years.

He also voiced the narrator for How I Met your mother.

Saget was halfway through his comedy tour when the unthinkable happened …

He gave a show in Jacksonville the night before he died.

The Ritz-Carlton staff found him unconscious in a hotel room.

The local authorities were summoned to the hotel, but Saget died on the spot.

His death was confirmed in an initial statement by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Daily mail

In a statement, police said they answered the “man fell” call “just after 4:00 pm”.

“Upon arrival, they found a man who did not answer in the hotel room,” the message said.

“The man who was identified as Robert Lane Saget died on the spot.”

According to Ritz, where he was staying at the time, Bob entered his room at 2:17 am after returning from the show …

He was supposed to leave in a few hours.

Before entering his room for the last time, Bob tweeted at 00:42 am with a photo of him on stage after the conclusion of his show …

Later that morning, his family tried to contact him several times, but were unsuccessful, prompting them to ask the Ritz-Carlton security officer to check on him.

The Orange County sheriff’s deputy said in his report that the officer knocked on Bob’s door several times before entering around 4:00 pm and found the lights were off.

They searched the room and found Bob in the bedroom, lying on the bed with his left hand on his chest and his right on his side.

According to their report, he was cold to the touch and had no pulse.

When the ambulance arrived, they stated Bob’s death at the scene.

The news was especially hard for the wife of food blogger Kelly Rizzo, who met the star back in 2015 when he sent her a DM on Instagram …

Back in February, she shared a flashback on TikTok, explaining, “He saw my Instagram and said,“ Oh, it’s not just selfies and bikinis. Like, she really does something. She has this cooking show and travel show. She seems interesting. ”

She continued, “So he did his due diligence. He called his friend, who also works in media in Chicago, a radio host, and said, “Hey, do you know this Kelly Rizzo girl? Is she a bitch? And he was like, “No, she’s actually very cute. Yes, I know her. “

After that, Rizzo was warned before Saget held out her hand, to which she said, “I thought, ‘Eh, I don’t know about this.”

“But then he sent it. He said, “Hey, would you like to go to my show and then go get some burgers and lobsters?” And I thought, “Okay, we can be friends.” And then I thought, “Oh no, I kind of like him.” And then we got married, ”she added.

By July 2016, the couple had already appeared on each other’s pages on social networks …

The first was about Sageta and Rizzo over dinner on his Instagram page with the caption: “Pseudo #nationaltequiladay celebration with my girlfriend @eattravelrock who has Instagram, you need to check if you are a foodie,” he wrote. Thanks again @susanfeniger @bordergrill for her culinary prowess.

Then, just a month later, Saget made another post, calling Rizzo his girlfriend …

“I would have felt like such a third person if my girlfriend hadn’t taken this photo,” he wrote.

Just a year later, in November 2017, Saget proposed to Rizzo …

“I love the people in this photo. The most loving and legendary @George_Shapiro Katie Killeen and, of course, my girl Kelly. If you’re interested, we celebrated our engagement and I know that George and I will be very happy together, ”he joked.

Rizzo also shared this news along with a photo of her wedding ring …

“Who needs pearls ??? I’m enjoying my favorite food with my new favorite accessory, ”she captioned the photo.

Since then, they have had many happy memories, but unfortunately, their time together was interrupted …

Rizzo recently posted a compilation of their music videos together in honor of last year.

Our thoughts are with the Rizzo and Sageta family during this difficult time.

Rest in peace, Bob Saget.

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