Bob Saget said some scary words during one of his last interviews.

The world of comedy has lost countless legendary gems. This is especially true recently, when Norm MacDonald, who was adored by many fans and his peers, passed away. The same goes for the recent passing of Betty White, with millions of people mourning her loss.

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Unfortunately, Bob Saget was the last funny person to pass away, it is believed that the belovedFull houseThe star passed away due to natural causes.


Next, we’ll go back to his last stand-up show and also take a look at his last interview on the radio show and what was said.

According to the fans present, Bob Saget thought about his family during the final show.

His last performance was in Jacksonville, Florida, when Bob Saget began his final comedy tour. “I do not do negativity”… As it turned out, according to People, those present noted that Saget thinks about her family during her last show.

According to a fan, Saget reminded of himself when he saw one of the viewers next to his daughters.

“In the front row was a gentleman who was there with his daughters, who ranged in age from middle school to adult. He spoke to him in front of us for about five minutes and shed tears, telling us about how this guy reminded him of him and his own daughters. “

“It means so much now that his family was on his mind right there during his last performance and always on stage. It was just really creepy. “

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On top of all this, Bob also talked about comedians who have passed away, including the likes of Norm MacDonald and Robin Williams.

As it turns out, he also made another eerie mention during what turned out to be one of his last interviews.

During his last interview with Real Radio Monsters, Bob Saget mentioned funny people passing away

Just four days before his tragic death, Bob Saget appeared on television. Real Radio Monsters gives interviews to Russ Ray Rollins and several of his other hosts. The conversation was mostly light-hearted, in the classic Bob manner. However, he made one point that really got fans hooked.

“It’s really a tragedy when funny people leave. This is life, but people leave much earlier than their time. “

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Also, being a great actor, Saget discussed Betty White’s passing. He talked about a story that happened between two years earlier. He will also briefly touch on her relationship with husband Allen Ludden.

“She always said that the love of her life was her husband Allen Ladden, whom she lost in 1981. Well, if everything works out according to Betty’s plan, they will be reunited in the afterlife. I don’t know what will happen when we die. but if Betty says that you will be with the love of your life, then I gladly yield to Betty in this. My deepest condolences to her family and friends. Betty White. My God, we will miss you. “

Bob was clearly a cool actor until his last days.

Fans and colleagues continue to mourn the loss of the comedy legend

Of course, after the cult comedians passed away, messages began to flow from both fans and those with whom he worked together. John Stamos was devastated as the actor still struggles to imagine a world without Bob Saget.

The entire cast ‘Full housewill make a statement paying tribute to the deceased icon.

“Thirty-five years ago we united as a television family, but we have become a real family. And now we grieve as a family. Bob made us laugh to tears. all the wonderful memories of our sweet, kind, funny, beloved Bob. He was a brother to us guys, a father to us girls, and a friend to all of us. Bob, we love you very much. In honor of Bob, we ask you to hug the people you love. Nobody hugged better than Bob. “

A sad loss that will sting for a very long time. Not only was he a great actor and comedian, more importantly, Bob was also a wonderful family man.

At this time, everyone thinks about his children and wife.

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