Boy band members who died at a very young age.

Boy bands are almost synonymous with youth and excitement, as the members are primarily teenage boys who have their own careers, sports children’s faces, glowing bodies, and wonderful singing and dancing abilities. Boy bands have generally been known for an explosive era, often in the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s, and members usually move on with a solo career or family life after the last day of the group. I settle down.

But some boy band members didn’t get the chance to do so, ahead of their time, years before Reunion Tours and Benefit Shows for fans of old memories, and some still had their group at its peak. These are the boy band members who have slipped through the headlines, whose band mates carry on their legacy while respecting them whenever possible. Here are all the boy band members who died at a very young age.

رچ کرونن۔

If you do not know the name of Rich Kronen, check again. You probably do. Here, we’ll give you a hint: “When I met you, I said my name is Amir. You look like Eber Crombie and Fitch’s girl.” The LFO frontman wrote what would be the group’s biggest track, “Summer Girls”, and who gave us some famous lines that disturb our 90s dreams: “New kids on the block There have been so many successes, eating Chinese makes me sick. ” Rich Cronin joined the three-member boy band (with Devin Lima and Brad Freschetti) in the late ’90s and early’ 00s, along with the ‘Mogul’. Who’s Pearlman?. Boston-born star. Tragically passed away In 2010 when he suffered a stroke related to complications of both leukemia and stem cell transplant. He was only 36 years old.

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Devin Lima.

Yes, you read that right. Rich Cronin’s bandmate Devin Lima also died at the LFO, leaving Brad Freschetti, the last surviving member of the LFO. In 2018, Devin Lima lost his battle with stage 4 cancer at the age of 41. We can only imagine how sad and lonely it must have been for Brad Freshetti. At the time of Devin Lima’s death, he. Posted on Twitter.“I say with a broken heart that my brother Herald Devin Lima died this morning after a brave battle with cancer,” he said. “Devin, as the world knows him, was an extraordinary skill, a father with a vision for his six children, and a loving companion to his mother.” Brad Frescity still performs and participates in events to keep LFO memory alive.

Les McQueen.

Music historians credit Bay City Rollers as a catalyst for the boy band as a concept, although the term was decades away from the emergence of Bay City Rollers in the 1970s. Les McKeown led the Scottish pop group, which is known for successful films such as “I Just Want To Be With You” and “Money Honey”. He died. Only this house had a heart attack and although he was 65 years old, there is no doubt that he had very good years of his life left behind, leaving behind a wife, Pico and a son Richard.

Stephen Getley

The Irish group Boys Zone dominated the boy band scene, which began in 1993, and as lead co-lead singer, Stephen Gately, the group achieved great success with a moderately successful solo career. Her fans and band mates were shocked to find her body at home when she shared it with her partner in October 2009. A He did not know of any heart disease.

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Ray Raees

You can’t talk about Boy Band without talking about Mendo, the Latin group that dominated the 1980s and whose most famous success story is Ricky Martin. Although the group’s members fluctuated, its golden age lineup consisted of 7 teenage boys, one of whom was Ray Raees. He was famously expelled from the group when he accelerated his growth which made him too tall for a picture of the group’s young boy, but he led a successful reunion tour in 1997 which Delighted fans everywhere. The Puerto Rican singer died of a heart attack in April 2021 at the age of 51.

Anthony Galendo

Anthony Galendo, a member of the Venezuelan Menodo, died in October 2020 at the age of 41 after being hospitalized for attempted suicide. Her family says she became depressed because of the closure of COVID, and especially because of all the musical performances and opportunities to perform that were canceled. This makes Menodo the second boy band in which more than one former member dies with the LFO.


Jongheon, lead singer of the South Korean group Shiny, committed suicide in December 2017 at the age of 27 after a long battle with depression. All proceeds go to the next album. Poet I Artist. Went to set up a welfare foundation that is now run by his family and used to help young artists.

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Chris Trussdale.

If you blinked in 2000, you might have missed out on the success of Dream Street. Just drag “it happens all the time” on Spotify and listen to it you will get a lot of pictures. The group consisted of five early boys, one of whom was the same McCartney, a teenage thriller who would pursue a successful solo career. Chris Trussdale was just 34 in June when he died in 2020. Her 35th birthday was just 9 days later and her band mates gathered for the virtual performance of the said single.

Kim Jong Hyun

Of Korean pop group icon. Known as Yohan of the TST group, he died in June 2020 at the age of 28. TST had just released a planned album when the singer died, destroying his teammates and fans. The cause of his death is unknown, according to his family.

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