Boy enjoys watching the sky through the window on an airplane, annoying another passenger by refusing to close the shade when asked.

It is simply fascinating to watch social norms evolve in extreme social situations.

Take the bus ride for example. Since seats in most buses are in pairs, people first gravitate towards the completely empty seats, and if none remain, then they start populating the ‘other seats’. Because sitting alone is less awkward than sitting with a complete stranger.

But other social norms are not as clear or obvious to some. Like who owns the window seat on the plane? Is this something that all passengers in the aisle can control, or is it only the person in the window seat’s jurisdiction?

A conflict of interest (if you can call it a conflict. per second) happened a long time ago regarding the window seat. It all boils down to the conclusion that whoever sits at the window will be in control, but without turning into a riot. Am I being unreasonable? First situation.

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Question time. Who has control of the window shade — the person in the window seat, or anyone in that row, or…?

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We have a short one for you guys.

A Redditor not too long ago drew attention to the r/AITA community he encountered. In particular, OP enjoys looking at the sky and everything around him while flying. That’s why he goes out of his way to get a window seat. Plus sunlight does wonders for the skin and just feels great.

So, the OP was on a plane — one where the seats are in a row of 3 — and as he approached, he noticed that a woman was already in a seat in his row. For context, his seat was the window seat, the middle one was empty, and the lady was in the seat adjacent to the walkway.

This guy recently had some flak from a fellow passenger over the window shade when he politely refused to close it.

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He sighed as he asked the woman to scoot a little for a second so he could reach his seat. One of them looked sarcastic. I hate it here. Sigh OP wasn’t sure why, so he moved on with life.

Not even 10 minutes into the flight, the OP was resting his head on the drop-down table from the seat in front, listening to music, enjoying the view and the sun, and the lady tapped him on the shoulder. . He asked if he could close the window shade.

Being the sky-watcher that she is, the OP politely declines the offer, explaining that the whole reason she bought the window seat (mind you, this luxury cost her an extra $30) was to He could see out the window. He let out an exaggerated sigh, a huge one.

Image credit: ExoticD

Image credit: Jeffrey Soriano (not original photo)

Now, it makes sense why she asked — the OP explained that it was a 7am flight, and the morning sun was right outside the window, raining hell down on every vampire in the coffin. Failed to back down and was annoying everyone who isn’t a fan.

The entire confrontation ended with OP returning to his music and enjoying the solar energy for a full 2 ​​hours. But the woman’s dissatisfaction made him reconsider his decision. He thought he bought the window seat so he could enjoy the view and all its gifts. A woman could do the same. This is in addition to paying extra.

And so he transferred the question to the What I The A-Hole community. And, for the most part, people didn’t notice the shock. Sure, there was some tension, but no one was really overstepping the bounds. OP was polite, lady, sarcastic though, no fuss or abuse. So, no one is a jerk.

Most people online were of the opinion that there was no shock in the situation because no one had really crossed any lines.

But it raises the question of who actually has control over the window involved in a “window set” deal. According to Ben SchlipgAlready a frequent flyer with more than 4.7 million miles, tl; Dr The question is answered Yes, the person in the window seat controls the window..

The long answer, though, is that the concept of a window seat is complex and has many nuances to consider. The key factor here is what they say. The Golden Rule: “If the person sitting next to you politely asks to lower the window shade, and there’s a good reason for it, consider compromising.” Because nobody likes a jerk.

But there are other factors to consider: Being aggressive and confrontational is the worst idea on a plane. Sometimes it’s better to close the shade because people want to sleep. Sometimes the flight attendant can override your power and turn it off for any reason. And sometimes, if the aircraft is technologically advanced, the windows can dim themselves.

But back to the story. It received some minor improvements and attention, but enough to be picked up by a couple of online news sites. You can read it. On Reddit, but not without sharing your window seat stories, or your opinion, or the best thing you’ve seen from an airplane window. Do so in the comment section below!

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