Boy George sparks feud with Victoria Beckham when he viciously slaps her after British Airways flight together

Victoria Beckham allegedly made first-class passengers wait on a recent British Airway flight so she could be picked up straight from the plane.

Singer Boy George sat furious in the first class cabin of a BA flight waiting to disembark, but Posh Spice got off first as she was picked up by a private car.


Singer Boy George criticized Victoria Beckham during their recent British Airways first class flight.1 credit

The plane is believed to be arriving back in the UK this week as Boy George performs in London on Friday night.

He took to Twitter to blame the airline for keeping him waiting in a now-deleted tweet.

“A nice touch for @britishairways is to leave everyone in first class waiting for steps while Victoria Beckham’s car picks her up from the plane. It would be right not to fly BA for a while!” Boy George was outraged.

Following his tirade, Boy George posted that he and the airline had “fallen in love again” and Victoria was reportedly paid £6,000 for a dedicated service.

He wrote: “Me and @britishairways are in love again. Now I know that it costs $6,000 to get off the plane first.

“In addition, my current duty is to be more friendly, humane and have more patience. Lol! Wish me good luck. I also forgot to say how wonderful my flight was!”

Gorgeous Beckham giggles with daughter Harper as they head to a party in Venice
David Beckham Reveals His Most Annoying Habit By Hitting His Wife Victoria

It is not clear where Victoria came from, but husband David and their 10-year-old daughter Harper were vacationing in Venice.

Dad and daughter spent the evening together when she walked into the Fenice theater with her famous dad in a £1,600 ball gown.

And the younger Beckham donned her cute pink and purple Zimmermann number with comfortable Nike sneakers.

Manchester United legend David, 47, meanwhile donned a black suit, white shirt and sunglasses for the occasion.

The father and daughter couple shared a moment of love as they smiled at each other before heading off to the show.

Beckham’s three other children – Brooklyn, 23, Romeo, 19, and Cruz, 17 – were not seen at the event.

Boy George, who turned 61 on Wednesday, is best known for his music in the iconic pop band Culture Club.

It’s not the first time his airline has quarreled with Victoria. musical icon spoke out against the former Spice Girl.

On a radio show, he told how Victoria Beckham wrote him a disapproving note when he asked her for an autograph.

George recalled, “She’s a little more serious now, isn’t she, but it was a funny moment in her life.

“I grabbed her at the radio station and said if you would write something funny about this for me, and she would not write what I asked her to write, but she wrote: “Fuck, fuck off.” “!” he told Kyle and Jackie O on their radio show KIIS 1065.

Chic’s blunt remark might have seemed derisive at the time, but it wouldn’t have been completely out of place if it wasn’t a joke.

George openly denounced Victoria’s claim to Spice Girls fame for years, even going so far as to ban one of his performers, The Voice, from playing one of the girl group’s famous tunes.

George banned Vangelis from singing their ballad Viva Forever in the 2016 playoffs before criticizing the best-selling girl group of all time.

Vocalist Karma Chamoleon hissed, “The Spice Girls are terrible. I hate them. They just have nothing to say.

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“Girl Power. Yeah, and what the hell is this female power? Fuck the Spice Girls.”

If that wasn’t enough, he added, “It’s a cynical corporate creation and proof that a good stylist is more important than a good tune.”

He claimed that Victoria had a private car to pick her up from the first class cabin.


He claimed that Victoria had a private car to pick her up from the first class cabin.1 credit
Boy George claimed that the specialized service cost £6,000.


Boy George claimed that the specialized service cost £6,000.1 credit
Husband David and daughter Harper were vacationing in Venice.


Husband David and daughter Harper were vacationing in Venice.1 credit

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