Boys: Jack Quaid’s Mom Meg Ryan Won’t Watch Superhero Series

Parents are usually supportive of their child’s work, but Meg Ryan has a pretty good reason not to watch her son’s streaming show.

Most parents are proud of their children’s achievements and want to support them in their careers.

But sometimes their offspring make it harder for them, like when their latest work is an all-out, violent television series in which the character you play is in constant danger and covered in blood. This would make any parent think.

“My mother won’t watch [the show]” boys star Jack Quaid said of his mother: When Harry Met Sally Legend Meg Ryan.

Quaid, who was in Australia promoting boys“Season 3,” she told, “She says she watched the first season and I’m like, ‘Did you see the second?’ and she’s like, “no”.

“And then I said: “Why,” and she said: “You are always in danger, it’s hard for me as a mother to see you in trouble and danger all the time. You are always on the verge of death.”

Quaid, son of Ryan and ex-husband Dennis Quaid, said he understands why his mom wasn’t a fan of this particular project involving her eldest child.

“I understand, I completely understand.

boys is an anti-superhero series known for its outlandish violence. In between his searing criticisms of corporate greed and fascism, he is busy harpooning a huge whale with a cutter, putting all of its riders – Quaid Huey’s character among them – in the belly of the beast, covered in blood and entrails.

Quaid’s colleague, Chace Crawford, who plays the aquatic superhero The Deep, said his grandmother wouldn’t watch the series, while Australian actress Claudia Doumit, who joined the series as a superhero, admitted that her grandmother doesn’t know the series exists.

Jesse T. Asher, who wears an A-Train bullet train suit, laughed before adding that his grandmother loves The Boys.

Perhaps Karen Fukuhara has the deepest support of her relatives.

“My mom was watching it with my grandma and she texted me the other day – we’re in a group chat – and everyone was like, ‘You looked so adorable’ and blah blah blah.

“They completely missed all the blood and all the nudity. It was a very helpful text that I was surprised to read.”

Crawford said boys his grandmother was hard to sell, especially given his character’s penchant for love affairs with sea creatures.

Asked if there was ever a time he opened up a script and just thought, “Oh no, I can’t,” Crawford replied, “The octopus pushed him,” referring to one of the many instances of interspecies seduction.

For Usher, those were the times he got his toes sucked on screen in the first season. “To put it mildly, it was uncomfortable,” he admitted. And then he joked to the producers and writers: “They write it really well on the page, hand it to you before you go to the set, and then disappear.”

Crawford laughed, then added quite seriously:[Creator Eric Kripke]the door is always open, he is very responsive to emails and calls, he is always there to talk you out of the ledge.”

Quaid said he didn’t know if he had a line for what he wouldn’t do on the show.

“I’m sure I’ll find him on this show someday,” he said with a smirk. “I welcome every madness. FROM boysif you have any hesitation, it usually means you are doing something right. You have to follow the fear with the show.”

Of course, if boys was exceptionally shocking, about exploding heads, whale guts, and toe sucking, it wouldn’t have been nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Drama Series category. It’s the other side of the show that tones down the violence.

“It’s really a character-driven show,” Doumit countered. “It’s kind of justified what these characters go through. It’s not just an arbitrary shock.”

Asher said he really appreciates boys has a platform to explore the deeper issues it deals with, such as racism, fascism or corporate corruption.

“Everyone on this show is playing,” he said. “If there is something that needs to be discussed, we are not going to shy away from it. I feel like we have strength.”

Quaid agreed, “I love that we can make a show where we can actually comment on the world.”

He specifically cited a plot from the show’s second season in which the character played by Donn Lewis revealed that her father, a black man, was killed by a superhero and the timing of the episode is in keeping with the Black Lives Matter movement.

“We get these scenes that are very timely, sometimes too timely. Obviously this is a ubiquitous problem, but it was interesting to know about it around the time. I don’t like the fact that we were so precise, for the sake of the world. It was so terrible.

“But I love that we have shows where we can really speak our minds about things because the world is really messed up right now.

“Besides, we’ll go boating through the whale, so you’ll get both of those moments.”

The Boys is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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