Brad Pitt Confirms Recent Retirement Rumors

During the premiere of the upcoming bullet train. Term caught up with Brad Pitt, wanting to set a record for the actor’s previous comments. When the publication mentioned that Pitt might retire, the actor immediately laughed at himself. He seemed to know how the interview turned out and stated that his comments did not quite match his intentions. “I really need to work on the wording,” Pitt joked.

“I just said,” Pitt continued, “that I’m already out of middle age and I want to clarify how I spend these last things, whatever they are. […] I have never been a supporter of the five-year plan. I just do what I feel is right during the day. I still work that way.”

In fact, when asked if he has any exciting projects on the horizon, the actor made it clear that he’s not looking too far ahead. He said that he chooses projects the way he always does – the way he suits him at the moment. The only difference now is that he wants to think about the legacy he leaves behind. All of this is good news for Pitt fans, and judging by his previous filmography, there’s not much to worry about. In recent years, the acclaimed actor has made an intriguing choice and has already charted something: after the success of the Ocean franchise, Term revealed that Pitt would once again collaborate with former co-star George Clooney on an untitled project. It is said to be a thriller film for Apple Studios and directed by Jon Watts. Clearly the end is not near for Pitt (yet).

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