Brad Pitt launches sexless skincare line

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Brad Pitt breaks into the beauty industry! The actor has launched a skincare line that aims to “reduce the visible signs of aging.”

“This brand is not made for celebrities,” said the 58-year-old Oscar winner. Le Domainwhich he released on Wednesday, September 21, in partnership with the Perrin family – the owners of the Château de Beaucastel winery, Pierre-Louis Theissedre – professor of oenology at the University of Bordeaux, and Dr. Nicolas Levy. Together, experts have created products that combine science and nature through the study of wine.

“This is a line of anti-aging cosmetics for every man and woman. I like the idea of ​​a sexless line. When we created it with the Perrins, we agreed that we didn’t want a face to represent it,” Pitt explained.

“Wine and skin care are hard sciences,” says Teycedre, and after years of analyzing a range of grape varieties, he discovered which combinations had the most antioxidant properties. Through this research, the wine specialist developed GSM10, an active ingredient that fights oxidation, a chemical reaction that occurs when a substance comes into contact with oxygen. (Prolonged oxidation contributes to collagen loss, wrinkles, flabbiness, and more. Similarly, when wine undergoes too much oxidation, it is considered spoiled.)

Teissedre’s GSM10 was brought to life by using recycled pomace (grape residue) from Château de Beaucastel. In addition, Levy, who headed the department of medical genetics at the La Timon hospital in Marseille, France, and studied progeria, a disease that accelerates the aging process in children, used his knowledge to determine the mechanisms involved in the mutation, in the hope of applying it. “skin care lens”. He later developed the second active ingredient in Le Domaine: ProGr3. The formula combines grapevine tendril resveratrol, chamomile extract and green tea catechin to support healthy skin cells.

Brad Pitt launches skin care line

Brad Pitt. Christopher Polk/People/Shutterstock

The two ingredients were then combined to create four Le Domaine products: serum, liquid cream, cream and cleansing emulsion.

The serum also contains soothing grape water, plant stem cells and vine flowers to improve the complexion. The product is infused with hyaluronic acid to hydrate and reduce wrinkles. The liquid cream also uses grape water and niacinamide to detoxify and even out the skin. The cream contains olive oil and shea butter for soothing purposes, while the cleansing emulsion has a mousse texture and a sulfate-free formula to remove impurities.

Le Domaine’s commitment to nature extends to the packaging. The brand is packaged in lightweight cans and bottles made from recycled glass. The caps are made from oak carved from Château de Beaucastel wine barrels.

Fight club The star’s relationship with the Perrins dates back to when he met them when he relaunched his Miraval rosé in 2012. Together with the Pitt family, they produce a favorite drink. “We hit it off right away,” he said.

The Oklahoma native shared that he had been hatching “the idea of ​​creating a skincare line” for a long time, but it wasn’t until the Perrines approached him that he realized it was the right thing to do.

“When the Perrins told me about a study they did with a professor on the antioxidant properties of grapes and leaves, it clicked,” Pitt said. “We have moved quickly with the vision of developing a unique sustainable skin care brand that combines cutting-edge research with the finest natural ingredients.”

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