Brad Pitt Picks the Men He Believes Are ‘the Most Handsome in the World’

Brad Pitt recently launched a skincare line for men and women – and with it, he revealed who he thinks are the most handsome men in the world!

Pitt himself is a master at maintaining his good looks…

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But who did Pitt choose as his top pick?

And how did they reach the general public?

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Reddit recently posted one Poll About the famous people that consumers find most attractive. According to internet users, these are the sexiest men in the world and the list has some controversial submissions…

34. Chris Evans…

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Who wouldn’t want a piece of Captain America?

He looks great at the age of forty-one!

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Her blue eyes, chiseled jaw line and beautiful facial hair all contribute to her undeniably beautiful face.

33. Jason Momoa…

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Ever since he first rose to fame. game of thrones, We all knew she would become Hollywood’s biggest heartthrob.

And now he’s Aquaman too!

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His flowing locks combined with his massive frame make him a true hunk.

32. Pierce Brosnan…

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Doing its job for the older crowd is the real silver fox.

With or without a beard, we’re into it!

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Who wouldn’t want to share a night with Bond, James Bond?

31. Tom Hardy…

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For those who prefer their men a little rough around the edges, Hardy is your man!

Along with his good looks, he is also an incredibly versatile actor.

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Looks good. And Amazing talent! Is there anything Tom Hardy can’t do?

30. Jensen Ackles…

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One more Supernatural The choice is this cute, boy-next-door variety.

We can get lost in these eyes!

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And with that Days of our lives Pedigree, he is a true vintage heartthrob.

29. Sebastian Stan…

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Another entry from the MCU to our hot guys list.

The Romanian American star has beautiful green eyes.

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Plus that hint of a beard that makes us all go weak in the knees!

28. Hugh Jackman…

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Our first Australian entry to the list, Hugh Jackman is best known for playing Wolverine.

But he’s also partial to acting in musicals – making him a man of many talents!

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Also, she is absolutely hilarious on social media.

27. Keanu Reeves…

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Come on – this list would never be complete without the internet’s favorite boyfriend, right?

He’s best known for playing John Wick, but he’s versatile and talented across the board.

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But what makes it more attractive? The fact is that he looks great!

26. Harrison Ford…

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She’s an oldie – but definitely a Goldie!

Who hasn’t fantasized about Indiana Jones?

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And since its role in the 90s, it has aged like a fine wine.

25. Ryan Reynolds…

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After all, it would be remiss not to include the King of the Internet.

He is absolutely hilarious!

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Also, have you seen how he treats wife Blake Lively? unconscious.

24. Matt Bomer…

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The actor is a true cult favorite when it comes to celebrity crushes.

He is a star of stage and screen!

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But more than that, let’s all take a look at those big, baby blue eyes…

23. Marlon Brando…

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When we think of Brando, we think of El Padrino – not the most romantic of men!

But let’s take a stroll down memory lane…

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Because young Marlon Brando was the original Hollywood hunk!

22. Ewan McGregor…

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Now, let’s take a tour of the Scottish Highlands.

Where Celtic darling Ewan McGregor actually comes from!

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And honestly, who would ever say no to Obi-Wan Kenobi?

21. Chris Hemsworth…

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We have another entry from the bottom up between the Hemsworth brothers!

It’s very easy on the surfer-friendly eyes.

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Oh, and he’s Thor, of course – which gets him major bonus points.

20. Jon Hamm…

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From wrestling to acting and into our hearts!

What’s better than its huge frame?

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Well, it would have to be his cute goofy personality.

19. Henry Cavill…

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This Brit is a sophisticated gentleman, with similar looks.

What could be better than that?

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Well, what about the fact that he’s Superman?

18. Viggo Mortensen…

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This actor initially seems like a slightly offbeat choice for the list…

But then you remember he played Aragon.

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And it all makes sense because we all know Aragon was everyone’s first lover!

17. Idris Alba…

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This south London heartthrob is an obvious (but classy) addition.

From HBO to the BBC, Elba has done a whole range of acting roles.

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But his one permanent character is the king of our hearts!

16. Paul Rudd…

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An absolutely classic celebrity crush is Mr. Rudd himself.

Ever since we first saw him inside clueless, Our hearts belonged to Rudd.

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Incredibly, he is now fifty-three years old—and looking better than ever!

15. Danny DeVito…

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We are a bit surprised to see this entry…

But hey – she’s comfortable in her own skin, and doesn’t that make someone sexy?

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We are all for a great choice!

14. Ryan Gosling…

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Be it his ocean blue eyes or his role as a leading man…

It’s easy to see why Gosling is a fan favorite.

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Are you on board?

13. David Beckham…

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Who doesn’t love a man in a suit?

And, honestly, Beckham pulled it off best.

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In addition, he is a respected father and husband!

12. Jamie Dornan…

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We are pretty sure that the main reason why he is on the list is his famous performance as Christian Grey.

He truly embodied the character.

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Which skyrocketed him into the fantasies of women all over the world.

11. Bradley Cooper…

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Another strong showing for the “Men’s Suit” category.

He can sing, dance, act, write…

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A man of many talents—plus, it’s safe to say he’s very easy on the eyes!

10. Zac Efron…

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The former teen icon is now all grown up!

While she still has the boys’ attention, she’s an undeniable cutie.

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Just check out that smolder!

9. Robert Pattinson…

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First time we saw it inside TwilightPattinson had a special place in our hearts.

Since then, he has really shown his acting chops!

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And let’s face it – a chiseled jaw doesn’t hurt either.

8. Donald Glover…

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There is no denying that she is a hottie.

But the real reason he is such a heartbeat?

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Incredible talent! He is an incredible musician. And acto7. r

7. Michael B. Jordan…

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There’s no denying that Jordan is absolutely adorable!

It even won an award from the prestigious People magazine. Sexiest Man Alive Award!

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Which cements things perfectly.

6. Channing Tatum…

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From humble beginnings as a striper, Tatum has come a long way.

But there is one thing that has remained constant throughout his career…

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He is a sexy, sexy man!

5. John Legend…

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When we think of John Legend, there is one word that comes to mind above all – cute!

He sure is a cutie.

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Plus, he’s one half of the best power couple ever, which definitely earns him extra points!

4. Leonardo DiCaprio…

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WHO did not Fall in love with DiCaprio while watching. Titanic?

But since then, he has only become hotter.

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Like a fine wine, DiCaprio gets better with age.

3. Orlando Bloom…

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See, her face is pretty much carved by the gods, but there’s another reason to crush Bloom hard.

That accent!

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Who wouldn’t love that sound?

2. Brad Pitt…

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They does We are very impressed!

Pitt always tops the list of handsome men and for good reason.

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He is just a stunner.

1. Jared Butler…

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Another one that goes with the accent…

But those big baby blues don’t hurt either!

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And as for Brad Pitt’s choice?

“You know in the acting world because that’s my day job… The immediate go-to is Paul Newman, because he’s aged so beautifully,” he said.

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“According to all reports, [he was] A truly special, giving, warm and genuine person.

If I was going to name someone who was there, well, I’d have to name George Clooney, because why not?

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“Because usually, I always take him out and he always takes me out. And this time, I’m going to go the other way, just this once.

Do you agree with Pitt’s choice?

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