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Update for latest…: There was a bit more hype at the international box office this weekend, with two local films leading the way and Hollywood films getting some new milestones.

Taking the last part first, Minions: Rise of Gru exceeded $900 million worldwide, High-speed train traveled over $200 million and Top Shooter: Maverick skyrocketed to $1.45B+ (see below for more details). For those who follow Jurassic World Dominion and his $1 billion hopes, dinosaurs are now worth about $997 million worldwide.

In addition, Sony/Marvel Spiderman: No Way Home surpassed $1.1 billion overseas, it is the 9th film to break that mark and only the 4th film to ever do so without a release in China. Foreign godfather stands on $1,100.5 million around the world in $1.914 billion6th highest income of all time.

Looking for new titles in the mix, Dharma Productions and Star Studios Brahmastra Part One: Shiva — which Disney is releasing overseas in India and the UK — spent an offshore weekend $19.5M in these markets. With the addition of sub-distributed hubs, this rises to $22.1M. Globally, the launch session was $26.5 million including domestic ones.

Billed as India’s first original cinematic universe, directed by Ayan Mukherjee, the film stars Ranbir Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan and Alia Bhatt. It’s an ambitious proposal that didn’t really meet with criticism at home, but people come to see the spectacle.

He had a #1 opening in India ($18.9 million), 10th in the market of all time; and start number 3 in Great Britain at 600 thousand dollars.

The IMAX component was an integral part here as the film was the world’s 2nd highest opening Indian film in that format ($2 million) and the 8th best IMAX film in India.


Also on local news Korea returned to the game this weekend with the action/comedy sequel JK Film/CJ ENM. Confidential Assignment 2: International. From director Lee Suk-hoon, it featured a Chuseok holiday and garnered a strong $19.5 million since the release on September 7th. After a couple of stagnant weekends at the Korean box office, this shot was twice the size of 2019, probably thanks to the holiday.



Meanwhile, Universal/Illumination Minions: Rise of Gru passed the $900 million mark worldwide on Saturday, becoming one of 12 animated films ever to reach the milestone and the first since frozen 2 in December 2019. It is also the fourth film in Despicable Me franchise is top notch. World kum until sunday $904 million.

The international weekend was $5.8 million in 84 markets, raising the offshore sector to $541.6 millionaccording to the first minions movie and just off DM3.

Great Britain continues to lead in all games with $53.4 million, followed by Mexico from $39.8 million, Germany $32.5 million China from $32.4 million and Japan at $31.7 million.

AT China, Rise of Gru remains the second largest imported animation of the year, behind only Universal’s own. Bad guys. The Mid-Autumn Festival is taking place this weekend, and cinema trips have been impacted by the end of school holidays and increased lockdowns due to Covid-19 across the country. Approximately 71% of cinemas were open last week, the lowest number since the end of May.

Also noteworthy, Germany this weekend was Kinofest (tickets fell to 5 euros). Rise of Gru received a 26% increase from the last session as it benefited from this scheme.

Sony High-speed train for its part, crossed the milestone, exceeding $200 million worldwide. There was a 34% drop internationally over the weekend to add $5.7 million for foreign Cume $119.3 million and global catch $211.8 million.

And although he is in his 16th! release weekend, let’s not forget Top Shooter: Maverick. Tom Cruise’s Juggernaut from Paramount/Skydance has moved on to another $4.6M across 62 markets this session, down 23% from last. International Cume is now on $747.8 million. This results in a global count $1453.5 million.

Discount ticket scheme Germany gave THM up 14% from last weekend ($36.8M) while up 17% Netherlands ($13.6 million). Japan fell just 19% ($92 million). Great Britain raised $101.5 million Korea is $66.8 million and Australia it took 64 million dollars.

At IMAX, the global total is $108 million, which brings Mav closer to the 9th highest of all time for that format.

A Julia Roberts/George Clooney romantic comedy from Universal with a limited edition of a new play. ticket to heaven rolling out began in seven markets, including major markets in Spain and Brazil. Spain was the #1 launch with $800,000 ahead of lost city bye Brazil registered at number 2 with $700,000 ahead of Bridget Jones baby. Upcoming big players include Germany, Australia and the UK in the next frame, with the rollout extending into early November.


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