Braille Bearman goes to Kim’s haters and ‘RHOA’ fans are there for him

In response to the surrounding fanfare. Porsche WilliamsDeparture from Real housewives. Of Atlanta, Braille beerman. Tweeted about the growing list of MIA fan favorites. The list included his mother, Kim Zulkiyak Berman – and not everyone was happy.

However, despite claims that viewers don’t want to see Kim back, Braille has since doubled down on living with her mother, and some Twitter users have praised her for it!

Braille refused to back down – he said what he said!

Braille applauded, reminding those who hated Kim that during her time on the show, she brought a ton to the table, whether she was a fan today or not.

She further added that she believes most of the hatred stems from “jealousy”, especially since, since leaving the show, Kim has grown from her own show to a growing family. Has taken a fair share of success.

Braille received rave reviews from fans

Despite the strong initial reaction to Braille’s first tweet, it seems that many fans later managed to put aside their emotions and acknowledge that Kim played a key role in RHOA’s initial success.

On Instagram, fans weighed in on screen shots of Braille tweets. house realhousewivesfranchise, Pointing. g Bengto. To write, “I mean … he’s got a point.”

Similarly, more lamorenita1726 Commented, “I hate to say that but I agree.” And hatthatboybladi Added, “Finally someone said.”

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Fans of Stan the Loyalty.

Some of those who praised Braille for their tweets said they were impressed that she stood up for her mother.

Another example was the Instagram user. anbreannmedlock, Who admitted, “This is her mama and she will stand by her.”

He said, he added, “But as David Ruffen said, no one asks Braille for his opinion.”

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… But not everyone agreed.

Although Braille was encouraged by some of his fans, there were many opponents who claimed he wanted his family back on the show.

Others joked that replacing Kim’s name showed that she was trying to “sneak” at her mother in the conversation, instead of bringing her back directly to RHOA.

Well, there can be no strong consensus on Braille’s tweets, but there is no denying that he has his mother’s back – or that he talked to people.

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