Brandi Passante of Storage Wars says potential locker buyers should always be asking these questions

In an interview with distract, Brandi Passante shared insider information about the bidding process for storage space. Some fans may not realize that often bidders don’t throw their money around blindly. Although they are not allowed to enter the premises prior to buying, they may look inside before placing a bid. Passante encourages this in every possible way and outlines what to look for in this first look.

“Is this a pure unit? Are there boxes that are purchased or boxes that are taken from the back of the grocery store or are they packed in trash bags? few items that look decent on the outside? she asked. “If it’s dirty, if it’s just thrown in there, you can tell they didn’t care about their stuff anyway, so why would there be anything of value there?”

In addition, Passante shared with “Happening Now with Hammer – Newport Beach Podcast” a few items that bidders shouldn’t get too excited about if they spot them in the squad – cars and weapons to be exact. Because of the names and details of the owner, these items can be difficult to change hands.

She also shared some tips on what to do with things that can’t be sold or reused. “You always have the option of renting an apartment until you figure out what you’re going to do with all these things,” Passante saidemphasizing that her home is not overflowing with random storage objects.

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