Breadwinner wife asks if she is being materialistic for wanting to give her husband a Christmas present

It’s no secret that many of us love to give presents before Christmas. It’s not that all we care about is money; On the contrary, it is a way of showing love in our consumerist society. With ads on TV and media since the beginning of October about buying things for our loved ones, it’s no surprise that there’s so much in what we want to receive and give for Christmas. There are great hopes.

but this Story r/AskReddit. posted on On the contrary. It comes from a woman who told her husband that he needed a small Christmas present. And before we all jump in and say, that’s not how you do it, the author said: “I wanted a gift from my husband, mainly for the symbolism, like the idea of ​​receiving a Christmas present.”

The woman also said that her husband “doesn’t have a lot of money because he’s too reluctant to work and quits going to his part-time job most of the time, so I told him it could be something small, such as A little stuffed animal or a keychain or even a Christmas card.”

As small as they may be, the author’s wishes didn’t go down well with her husband, and she is now seeking some advice from people online.

A woman recently shared how she told her husband that she wanted a symbolic Christmas gift that could only be said to be materialistic.

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Many said that the writer was an NTA and had to run away from her husband for behaving like this

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