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Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Grostein Andrade, a social justice activist and LGBT activist in his country, made a documentary Destroying mythscriticizes the policies of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

The film will be released online on September 16, and Andrade hopes to influence the South American nation’s upcoming elections on October 2.

Andrade lives in California and says he cannot return to Brazil after receiving death threats and social media harassment for speaking publicly against the president and his actions on LGBTQ rights, the Amazon rainforest and other issues. Andrade believes his film could be critical to preventing the re-election of Bolsonaro, whom he calls the “Trump of Brazil.”

Earlier, Andrade attracted everyone’s attention with his documentary. taboo breaking, a film that explores alternative solutions to the war on drugs by viewing it as a public health issue. The document, containing interviews with heads of state such as Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Fernando Enrique Cardoso, was distributed to 22 countries and eventually turned into a 20-part Brazilian television series.

This is not the first conflict between the Brazilian prime minister and filmmakers. He sarcastically responded this April after Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio used social media to encourage the South American nation’s youth to vote in the upcoming elections.

The Oscar-winning eco-champion tweeted:

“Brazil is home to the Amazon and other ecosystems critical to climate change. What happens there matters to all of us, and youth voting is the key to change for a healthy planet.”

Bolsonaro, who has sparked international controversy for his policies, including cutting back on the ecological protection of the Amazon rainforest, responded sarcastically:

Thanks for the support Leo! It is very important that every Brazilian votes in the upcoming elections. Our people will decide if they want to keep our sovereignty over the Amazon or if they want to be ruled by crooks who serve foreign interests.”

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