Brendan Fraser has a stunning look at Batgirl’s shelves

Brendan Fraser played Ted Carson’s villain Firefly in Batgirl. The actor is returning to the industry en masse, and Batgirl was supposed to be his return to the blockbuster franchise.

Frazier attended the Toronto International Film Festival – TIFF – where he and the cast of his upcoming film The Whale received huge praise for their film. Fraser’s performance in the film, directed by Darren Aronofsky, generated huge buzz during awards season, including a standing ovation after it was screened in TIFF format. For all the enjoyment that came with the praise, Frazier took the time to express his disappointment with Warner Bros. for their Batgirl decision.

“The fans really wanted this movie to be made. Leslie Grace is a dynamo,” Frazier said. Diversity. “The film was made and conceived for the smaller screen. In this age that we’ve come out of now between streaming service and theatrical release, he’s found himself a canary in a coal mine. What have we learned from this? trusted directors like Darren.”

Frazier clearly disagrees with the decision to cancel Batgirl and doesn’t seem to be going to take any hits. While Grace, Fallah and El-Arby’s statements reflected their great time on set, Frazier decided to go straight to the studio, calling them out but not naming anyone in particular. He mentioned the small screen, potentially suggesting that Warner Bros. could release the film on HBO Max as originally planned. But the studio abandoned that in favor of a full tax write-off.

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