Bretman Rock Is Playboy’s 1st Openly Gay Male Cover Star 

Brett Man Rock Playboy 1st Gay Male Core Star The Bedest Bunny 2021 VMAs.

Brettman Rock at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York on September 12, 2021. Matt Barron / Shutter Stock.

Make history! Brett Man Rock She is best known for her beauty skills and viral tick tock videos, but she added another mark to her list of experiences. The 23-year-old victim has officially made her first date. Openly gay men Put a star on the cover of Playboy.

For the digital issue, Rock wore it. The famous rabbit suit – Tie the ears, bustier and neck to tie. In some photos, he kicked Buds to the side in an attempt to show off his six-pack.

As a make-up guru, he had to do it for a Filipino-born artist. Play her glam For Boundary Breaking Photo Shoot. In a secondary set of photos, she wore a rhinestone wig, a light glitter on her eyelids, and a faded pout that is everywhere in the five-second flat on Pinterest boards.

“Just for that Playboy For the LGBT community, for my Brown People community, this is unrealistic. PlayboyOf Twitter. “Like ‘Is this still f-king? Vibe type and I’m pretty. So yeah, everything happens for a reason and it proves I’m a big ass witch. Strange flex but Okay fine. “

The inspiring man also took to Instagram on Monday, October 4, after the global impact was off to share some photos of the photo shoot. He wrote under the title of the set of pictures, “The Badest Bunny is posting to annoy more straight men, if you are angry I will turn you on.”

Fans quickly went to the comments section and hyped the star. Makeup artist, “You’re so annoying, it’s annoying.” Ariel Tejada, Which often works. Kylie Jenner, Wrote. Another fan said, “I’ve been given Ariana Grande Vibes,” while another said: “Give it to Das Wright Beach. Leo Energy. EM.”

Rock is not the first person to grace a magazine. Hugh Hefner. And Bad rabbit Acting alone on the cover of the publication, while the stars like. Steve Martin, Paul Road. And Bert Reynolds Has also been featured. With that in mind, Rock is the first open gay cover star.

While most of the comments about the photo shoot have been “great” Playboy “Too aggressive,” he said on Twitter.

“It’s the same kind of comment. Playboy Received when we put Darren Stern, an African-American woman, on the cover in 1971, when we featured transgender model Tola Kosi in 1991, and when we introduced the Ro vs. Wade and Cannabis Act in the 1970s. Get abortion rights before Wrote.

He continued: “Standing up for freedom and equality is in the brand’s DNA. Today, Playboy Much more than a magazine. Our digital courses are creative snapshots that drive and reflect the current dialogue around happiness, gender, equality and culture. If a gay man feels sexy in a rabbit dress, which is a symbol of sex, why can’t he proudly wear it? Serves and will always serve as a platform for representation and freedom of expression. Playboy Stand for.”

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