Brett Oppenheim and Tina Louise’s relationship and breakup details revealed

The reality TV world has proven time and again that it is open to just about anyone with the right flair, and because of this it was rather unusual at first to have a show based entirely on business people. Show, Selling sunset is a series of documents chronicling the glamorous lives of Los Angeles’s top brokers who conclude millions of dollars in real estate deals every week. One such elite broker is Brett Oppenheim, a successful businessman who fell in love with tattooed supermodel Tina Louise.

The couple seem to have been friends for a while, but this relationship has grown into something more over the past year and they have decided to keep them out of the world until they are ready. Now that people know about it, here are the details of their relationship from start to finish.

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6 How Brett Oppenheim and Tina Louise met

Generally, Brett Oppenheim I’ve been a private person for most of his life, only letting the public know what he wants, so it wasn’t too shocking that he and Tina got together behind closed doors. It also turned out that Tina agreed with the move, as she also kept everything to herself.


5 Great revelation

While most Hollywood couples were officially announcing their relationship, Brett Oppenheim and Tina Louise just posted a couple of flashy photos along with some sweet captions and left fans to deal with the rest. The couple officially went public with their relationship last April with an Instagram post in which they enjoy a beach holiday.

The post caught everyone by surprise and thousands of fans flooded in comments about how amazing they both looked. The couple later traveled to Italy to leave more memories of their time together, further cementing their status to the public.

4 Brett Oppenheim and Tina Louise weren’t supposed to be

It’s no secret that Brett Oppenheim and Tina Louise had some fun and seemed to genuinely enjoy their time together, however that all changed after they realized they individually wanted different things from life, just a couple of months after announcing that that they are together. Each of the former partners confirmed the split on their social media platforms.

In December 2021, Tina took a Q&A session on Instagram to answer a few questions that worried her fans, and one of them related to her connections with Selling sunset and she replied, “Brett is my ex, but we remain very good friends,” wrote the 40-year-old Taco restaurant owner along with an old photo of her and Brett kissing.

3 How Brett Oppenheim reacted to the news

Brett also confirmed the breakup while he also ran a Q&A session on Instagram. Initially, the businessman’s Q&A was supposed to be about real estate only, but a fan asked if he was married, and he wrote: “Ok, this question has absolutely nothing to do with real estate, but I will answer it quite recently: in fact Yes.”

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2 Brett Oppenheim wasn’t the only Oppenheim to recently split from a partner

Just hours after Brett Oppenheim and Tina Louise’s breakup became known, reliable sources also confirmed that Brett’s twin brother, Jason Oppenheim, and his now ex-girlfriend, Chrishell Stause broke up… Jason and Krishall also reached out to their social media platforms to fix the hiatus, stating that they were at different points in their lives and wanted different things.

Jason wrote: “Although Crishell and I are no longer together, we remain best friends and we will always love and support each other,” he added. “She was the most amazing girlfriend I have ever had, and it was the happiest and most fulfilling relationship of my life.” Christell, who has undergone many changes, also openly commented on the decision, stating that “Jason was and remains my best friend,” she wrote, adding that “the amount of respect and love we have for each other will not change in the future. … “Men can afford the luxury of time that women don’t have, and they do,” she added. “All that being said, navigating this public area is difficult and I just try my best … I really hope that one day I will have a family, and the decisions that I make at this stage are made with this goal in mind. “

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one Tina Louise thinks Jason Oppenheim’s breakup with Chrishell Stause jinxed her relationship

Shortly after confirming her relationship status with the world, Tina spoke with TMZ outside her restaurant on Melrose Avenue. Confirming that she and Brett are still friends, she also added that they were planning on spending Christmas together. Talking about why they broke up, the 40-year-old model stated, “Well, you know, we’ve been together for eight months, so got to the point where I wanted to take the next step in the relationship, and he hasn’t been there yet. ” She went on to explain that Jason and Krishall’s breakup due to the desire to start a family was in some way a catalyst for her, and Brett Oppenheim also broke up.

She said, “I think maybe the relationship with Crishell and Jason may have prompted me to ask more questions to Brett, and then that relationship ended,” she added. “It was scary and scary to know that it might not end with what society considers to be a success and what I am ultimately looking for. But after many long, heartfelt conversations, I prefer to view it as a success, no matter what label is given to it publicly. “

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