Bride asks son-in-law not to bring his dog to her wedding, BIL gets kicked out for ignoring bride’s request

Getting engaged and finally planning the wedding of your dreams is a complex yet exciting process; you want everything to be perfect, but you are also aware of all the stress that will fall on you when you try to live up to everyone’s expectations.

The guest list, deciding which dress will be “the one” and interacting with your difficult family members; yes, in every house there are one or two people who will not miss the opportunity to somehow spoil their long-awaited celebration.

Sometimes it’s your divorced parents or your future spouse’s parents who absolutely despise each other, and sometimes it’s your brother-in-law who decides not to respect your wishes and brings a poorly behaved German Shepherd to your big day.

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Following the wedding rules is very important, but some people are too ill-mannered to understand this.

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“Aita for kicking my son-in-law out of my wedding when he brought his dog with him?” — this online user reached out to one of the most popular Reddit communities to seek advice from members and perhaps find out if she was really wrong to kick her 21-year-old son-in-law from her wedding because he did not respect her rules and brought party with your naughty German Shepherd. The post received more than 3.5 thousand votes and 386 comments discussing the situation.

A woman wonders if she’s a jerk if she kicked her BIL out of her wedding because he went against her will and brought his naughty German Shepherd with him.

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The author began her post by revealing that she and her husband recently got married; unfortunately, not everything went according to plan, and mainly due to the fault of her son-in-law. The guy is 21 years old, he is the youngest in the family, very well-groomed and, frankly, spoiled.

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The OP then revealed that the 21 year old didn’t like her. He has always been extremely passive-aggressive towards a woman, and on several occasions has made terrible comments about her.

Jack has a German Shepherd, a big and very active boy, whom he sincerely adores and takes with him everywhere. According to the guy’s mother, he wanted the future spouses to include his dog in the wedding invitation sent to him – however, the author informed the woman that Jack could not bring his furry friend to the ceremony.

MIL was very confused and told the OP that her son didn’t appreciate his future wife’s disrespect for his dog.

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Bride asks son-in-law not to bring his dog to her wedding, BIL gets kicked out for ignoring bride's request

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However, the author insisted that dogs were not allowed; and although this caused some controversy, the woman firmly believed that the conflict was resolved.

But—surprise, surprise—Jack showed up with his dog, wearing a T-shirt that said “dog daddy.” The future bride was, to say the least, dumbfounded.

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The woman said that the German Shepherd runs around and ruins everything; this caused a loud uproar and even caused some of the bride’s closest friends to leave.

Eventually, when the author couldn’t take it anymore, she demanded that Jack take his dog somewhere else where someone else could look after her until after the wedding. Naturally, the man refused and the OP told him to leave.

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MIL told the author that she was being unreasonable and even said that she was the one who actually ruined the wedding; She then asked her to calm down and let Jack enjoy his brother’s wedding.

Strangely, the new husband said almost nothing and only mentioned that they should have run away if everyone behaved like that at the wedding.

The OP insisted and asked the 21 year old to leave and although he did try to argue he eventually gave in and took his dog and left. The family was upset and said that the bride should not deprive Jack of the excitement of sharing the joy of his beloved brother on this significant day.

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Jack’s mother was deeply upset and said that the author had overreacted; she stated that the new wife got personal and actually acted like a “bride”.

The OP then mentioned that she had already made it clear, but her brother-in-law disrespected her by going against her will, but somehow it was her fault.

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What do you think of this situation? Is the author a jerk for kicking her son-in-law and his dog out of her wedding?

Fellow redditors shared their thoughts on this difficult situation.

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