British can’t control laughter after Norway sends Christmas tree (24 responses)

Every year since 1947, Norway, or more precisely, the city of Oslo has gifted the United Kingdom a Christmas tree to plant in Trafalgar Square. The gesture was made to thank them for being allies during World War II.

It is a beautiful tradition that symbolizes solidarity and friendship. In the last few years, however, the British have been somehow influenced by the trees that Norway has given them as gifts. And this year they reacted strongly.

People were saying that the tree has small branches and it looks like it is in trouble. We invite you to see the best response from Twitter users, and at the end of the article, you will see what Trafalgar Square Tree said for itself.

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When Londoners saw the Christmas tree that Norway had given them as a gift, they were disappointed, but it did not end their humor.

Image Credit: Danbarker

Image Credit: Danbarker

The Christmas tree in London’s Trafalgar Square is lit on the first Thursday of December each year and is displayed there until January 6. The tree is bare, but London decorates it in the traditional Norwegian style, with the lights set vertically.

This year’s lighting ceremony will take place on December 2 and will include speeches by the Lord Mayor of Westminster and the Mayor of Oslo. Visitors will enjoy performances by the Salvation Army, the Poetry Society and the Choir of St. Martin in the Fields, and read by young ambassadors from the Westminster B Friend A Family.

People were joking about how sad the tree looks like its branches are missing.

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The first Christmas tree to be sent to Britain was originally in 1942. King Haakon VII of Norway was in exile in Britain and was trying to rule his country from London during the years of German occupation. Since he was in the UK, Norway brought him a Christmas tree as a gift, but now it is for the city.

The real joke was that they were still waiting for the rest of it.

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Twitter users couldn’t help but add some Brexit jokes because for some it was a victory, but for others it was an embarrassment.

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In fact, there is a plaque at the base of the tree that reads: “This tree was given by the city of Oslo in 1940-45 as a token of gratitude to Norway for its help to the people of London. One tree is given every year since 1947.

The Christmas tree, which is meant to be planted in Trafalgar Square, is chosen months in advance, sometimes even years. They cut down a tree in the woods around Oslo, cut down sometime in November, and there is a whole ceremony attended by the British ambassador to Norway, the mayor of Oslo and the Lord Mayor of Westminster. The Christmas tree is usually a Norwegian spruce that has lived for 50-60 years and is about 20 meters (65.6 feet) tall.

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Although it is a gift from Norway, people did not stop frying it.

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It is then shipped to Britain by sea, after which it is transported by truck to its destination in London. As mentioned, the tree stays in Trafalgar Square just before the twelfth night of Christmas. When it is taken down, it is recycled to make mulch by chipping and composting.

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Norway has donated a tree every year since 1947 as a token of gratitude for assistance during World War II.

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Image Credit: Robin Flavell

This is the 74th time the tree has been received as a gift, so it is the beginning of the Christmas countdown for Londoners. Over the last few years, however, they have noticed that the tone of the square is very low. This is evident from the reaction they saw when the tree was planted before the lighting ceremony.

Dan Barker, a Twitter user, posted a picture of the sad-looking tree and announced that it had arrived. People reacted quickly and filled the comments with sharp comments.

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Some people saw a metaphor in the bad condition of the tree which reflects the difficult year of Britain.

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Many people were joking that one part of the tree seems to be missing and they should wait for the other parts to come, others were joking that Norwegians are crazy about them for some reason.

Of course, Twitter users can’t forget the jokes about Brexit and customs. He was saying that the tree was a good metaphor for the country in general to be scary last year.

Even though people laugh, it’s still a beautiful sign that reminds people of how united they were when the world was falling apart.

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Image Credit: Rhine Medchen

If you didn’t know, you’d be happy to know that Tree has its own Twitter account. It featured Dan Baker’s tweets and comments. He addressed the shortcomings of the branches by saying that they are a social distance and that it stands in Trafalgar Square to commemorate the real friendship between the two countries and not to make fun of it on Twitter.

Trafalgar Square Tree itself said it was thought and meaning that counted.

Image Credit: Trifalgartry

Image Credit: Trifalgartry

Image Credit: Trifalgartry

There is a point, the tree is not just a gift but a reminder that when bad times come people are together and it should be celebrated in good times too. It is good that Norway is still continuing this tradition and it is unfortunate that the tree suffered some damage during the journey. And also that you don’t look like a gift horse in your mouth.

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