Britney Spears criticized Christina Aguilera in a strange Instagram post

Die-hard Britney Spears fans have turned their backs on the singer after she appeared in a bizarre new Instagram post to ‘shame the body’ of Christina Aguilera.

It comes a day after the 40-year-old mother of two posed completely naked on her page in a post addressed to her father, sparking concern among followers.

Spears, 40, posted a quote that read: “I’ve learned there’s only one way to look skinny: hang out with fat people.”

In the caption, she began by criticizing her own dancers, whom she called “babysitters for my kids…my dancers”, saying she wished she’d chosen them herself while she was still performing. Spears apparently couldn’t choose her own dancers under her tutelage, which was canceled last year after a lengthy battle with her father.

“I mean if I had Christina Aguilera dancers I would look really small… I mean why not talk about it??” Spears wrote in an obvious hit on Filthy singer figure.

She continued, “Don’t you think my confidence would be a little better if I could choose where I live, who I eat, who I call on the phone, date and who is with me on stage!!! It’s hard sometimes now, I see how much of my femininity was stripped at that time and every person sat back and said nothing!!! In any case… I will be here talking about things that people have NEVER talked about.”

Followers, who have long expressed vehement support for the singer, in particular by campaigning for her during her legal troubles through the “Free Britney” social media movement, were unimpressed.

“Queen noooo,” wrote one, while others urged her to delete the nasty post.

“Hey queen. There is still time to remove it,” said another.

“Britney please this quote is HORRIBLE,” wrote another.

Others weighed in: “This is so wrong, there’s so much more to life than looking skinny” and “Britney… body shaming is no longer needed.”

This isn’t the first time Spears has been digging up his historic Aguilera beef this year.

In January, she even brought her ex Voice US trial in her ongoing family feud with Jamie’s younger sister Lynn Spears.

Taking to Instagram with a fiery tirade, Spears said she “should have been slapped” by Jamie Lynn and her mother when she had the chance.

But although the singer deleted the post shortly after she shared it, she re-posted it the next day with some additions – dragging Christina Aguilera’s name into a mess and criticizing her sister for “dying her hair” like a ’90s pop sensation. when she was younger.

Spears and Aguilera clashed regularly in the early 2000s, and their feud intensified after their infamous performance at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards with Madonna.

Spears has been busy with her social media accounts lately.

On Monday, Spears launched a scathing public attack on her father Jamie, telling her father to “kiss my motherfucking fucking ass” – and sharing a photo of that ass.

The singer, whose racy Instagram posts have become a source of controversy in her own family, posted another nude photo on her account her back to the camera, kneeling on the bed, her hands on her hips and her loving heart added to the photograph the only thing that protected her modesty.

Despite all this, Spears is currently chart-topping with #1 Australian duo Elton John. Hold me closer

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