Britney Spears’ ex-husband, who once married in Vegas, reportedly pleaded guilty to stalking

Singer Britney Spears married Jason, a childhood friend, in a Las Vegas chapel in 2004, but the marriage was quickly dissolved.

Britney Spears' ex-husband, who once married in Vegas, reportedly pleaded guilty to stalking

Britney Spears may be a free woman, but her ex-husband Jason Alexander was not so lucky. The judge gave the pop star’s ex-spouse almost a year probation after he pleaded guilty to stalking.

Britney Spears’ ex-husband pleaded guilty to stalking after three arrests last year.

According to TMZ, Toxic ex-wife of the singer must serve 11 months and 29 days probation as part of a plea bargain. He pleaded guilty to stalking on January 4 after police arrested him on December 30.

Britney Spears had a year full of legal victories while her ex-husband was dealing with a string of arrests. In August, police arrested Jason at the Nashville airport for violating security rules. It is reported that he tried to bypass the security line and enter the area closed to passengers.


Prior to that, police detained him in January on three misdemeanors, including drunk driving, illegal use of drug paraphernalia, and possession or accidental exchange of controlled substances.

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Britney Spears married her childhood friend in 2004 while intoxicated, the marriage was quickly dissolved.

That Womanizer the singer dated Jason back in 2004. That same year, they got married unexpectedly in a small white wedding chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada after drinking some alcohol. The singer annulled the marriage just 55 hours later, submitting a petition that said she “lacked understanding of her actions.”

Their short-lived marriage is ancient history, but Give me more the former beau of the singer constantly supported her. In 2020, fans spotted Jason at a Free Britney protest outside the Los Angeles courthouse during a custody trial.

At the time, Jason claimed to have finally contacted Britney again after a decade of silence between the two. He suggested that he was related to recent events in her life and that “hope to renew the relationship with Britney,after stating that their marriage was “never given a chance.”

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But that shouldn’t have happened. And while Jason has had a difficult 12 months, his ex-wife seems to be thriving. In November, a judge released the singer from 13-year custody, in which her father, Jamie Spears, was in charge of her financial condition. The singer was not allowed to have a privacy by having a phone, a car, or even a door to her room.

Guardianship even prevented Britney from appearing on Modern family

That Circus The singer announced her engagement to Sam Asgari in September 2021, just two months before the end of her 13-year guardianship.

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