Britney Spears fans react after being trolled for crying in the #FreeBurney Movement

It all started when some of Britney’s biggest supporters rallied outside the courthouse where the decision was made on Wednesday.

Britney Spears poses.
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Fans of the #FreeBurney Movement are upset after he was ridiculed for being emotional after a big post. An American singer It was liberated from its conservatism.

After being called “crazy”. His enthusiastic response to the news That the pop stars’ father was suspended as their conservator, Britney’s fans went on the defensive.

Many people are obsessed with barstole sports for this post, which they called apathetic and hypocritical.

It all started when some of Britney’s biggest supporters rallied outside. The court where the decision was made. Wednesday.

After the announcement of the victory, the audience was overjoyed, with some tears at how happy they were for the singer.

However, one store thought they were taking things too far with tears.

Barstoll Sports published a headline that read: “The eyes of these lunatics are weeping after Britney Spears’ father was suspended from his conservatism.”

In the article, the author. Mocked him for being so impressed. And how he spent his “free time”.

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#Frebertney fans are upset with the publication.

Spears fans weren’t happy with what Barstol Sports said about them, including the crying woman in the picture they used.

“Hey st barstoolsports, Megan here. A picture. You clearly need to know more about our movements,” he said with a round of applause.

People rallied behind her, saying the shop was out of line to make fun of women’s rights activists.

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“She is crying because a human being has been trafficked, given drugs and liquefied against her will,” one man explained.

Another responded to Barstoll’s tweet, “This tweet is a disgrace, it’s a victory for your human rights, it’s your naivety that will ultimately help benefit many people trapped in a similar system.” ۔ ”

Others pointed out that the publication has in the past published items that support #FreeBritney, and even sell goods with slogans.

“Weren’t you all #freebrtney a few weeks ago and now you’re making fun of people who fought for the restoration of other human rights and freedoms? This tweet isn’t like that. Better,” someone said. Said


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Britney Spears is free.
Britney Spears and fans reacted to #FreeBritney finally becoming a reality.

Social media is showing the excitement of fans who meet Britney, as the world unites to celebrate this long-awaited moment.

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