Britney Spears’ fianc was trolled after she claimed to have documents about him leaving her with a ‘bad iftar’

Sam Asghari He was heavily criticized for sharing his thoughts on documentaries made about his fiance. An American singer.

The 27-year-old Iranian-American actor wrote in a post on his Instagram stories that numerous exhibitions about Britney’s life left her with a “bad taste”.

His remarks came after comments earlier this week suggesting that documentary filmmakers could not make money from their films about Spears.

The Netflix is ​​set to release a trailer for its upcoming documentary. Britney vs. Spears

Asghari jokingly opened his text post, “Apparently the value of my opinion has increased over the last few days.”

Although he made it clear that he was not a fan of previous films and special films, he hoped that the upcoming Netflix documentary would be “respectable.”

“Previous documents went bad after the taste,” he wrote. “I hope it will be honorable. I don’t blame CNN, BBC or NETFLIX (which got me through the lockdown.” [praise hands]To broadcast them because as an actor I also tell other people’s stories. ”

He added, “I question the producers who made them ‘just to shed light’ without input or subject approval.

He concluded by praising himself. # Free Britney Movement. Any credit for shedding light should go to #FreeBritney. [heart emoji]. ”

Sam had earlier weighed in on an upcoming Netflix documentary when he released the first trailer for Britney vs Explosive. Spears on his Instagram on Wednesday.

Asghari wrote in comments: “I hope the profits from these documents will go to fight again.[t] Injustice # Britney. ”

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He then backed up a Britney fan comment with 100% emoji when he wrote:

“How much money third parties are making from this documentary that is taking advantage of Britney’s personal story and its value in the media. There needs to be transparency about how filmgoers are taking advantage of this documentary.” Or if they are paying their fees to Britney. Legal defense. ”

But Asghari was quickly sidelined by the fans who also accused him of taking profit from the star.

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“It’s a taste of walking,” read a suspicious comment.

“He knows where the butter in his bread comes from. He won’t say anything that is against Britney’s wishes or in her ‘best interest’. Alias ​​her best interest. I feel bad for her.” Because he’s a leach. ”

“His reaction makes me suspicious that he is targeting those who legitimized the Free Britney movement. They finally helped Britney get the wheels to speak. Needless to say,” Commented

Asghari and 39-year-old Spears announced their engagement on Instagram on September 13.

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