Britney Spears finally unfollowed Jamie Lynn on Instagram

Legendary singer Britney Spears ready to start 2022 from scratch after the end of her reign. Part of this new start is that she unfollowed her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears on Instagram. The awkward part? At the time of posting, Jamie is still following his sister on social media, including Instagram.

The two sisters were tough thieves in the early 2000s, even appearing on the red carpet together on various occasions. The artist “Womanizer” also appeared on All this while Jamie was still an actor.


Britney doesn’t have many photos of her and her family on Instagram other than her kids and fiancé Sam Asgari. Coincidentally, the last Instagram photo Jamie posted was in December 2018 to celebrate her older sister’s birthday by signing it: “Happy Birthday to my first best friend – Love you.”

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Jamie and Britney’s relationship escalated over custody dispute

The custody battle between Britney and her father was one of the most high-profile stories in 2020-2021. It began with the fact that she filed a petition to remove her father from her guardian position, alleging unfair treatment of her and her assets. Jamie supported her sister early on and fans were thrilled. However, over time, everything has changed.

Throughout the trial, Britney began to speak badly of all family members, including Jamie. After that, her fans began to accuse the star Zoe 101 of taking advantage of her because of finances. Although she has repeatedly denied these claims, their relationship remains sour. However, Jamie hopes that the situation will improve over time.

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Britney fans are thrilled that she unfollowed Jamie on Instagram

Britney fans and followers of the free Britney movement are thrilled by the news, saying it is time for her to do it. Some of her fans called it Britney’s cult mood, while others said she kicked off the new year right by unsubscribing from her. Even one user tweeted“I’m so glad Brittany is getting rid of Jamie, she’s worthless and a thief …”

Jamie has never discussed the hate she receives in public, nor has she ever elicited specific Britney fans for their comments related to her. However, backlash over the past several months has resulted in the nonprofit pulling out donations from Jamie’s upcoming book sales. Posting a statement to InstagramThe organization stated: “We heard you. We are taking action. We deeply regret everyone we have offended. We reject a donation of a new book by Jamie Lynn Spears. “

At the time of this posting, the Spears sisters are focusing on other things. However, both of them are united by a family orientation and happiness. Both stars remain active on Instagram and continue to show off photos of their children. Jamie’s memoir Things I Had To Say will be released everywhere on January 18th.

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Jamie Lynn Spears Praises Mom And Lynn As Her “Best Friend” While Sister Britney Suffers

Lately, both Britney and Jamie Lynn have been in the headlines on issues pertaining to Britney’s Conservatism.

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