Britney Spears’ interview got an awkward twist when asked about implants

Last year we saw many Britney Spears documentaries about her ten-year guardianship and press treatment. It all started with a documentary from The New York Times. Framing Britney Spears. Viewers were horrified by the amount of insensitive, downright misogynistic ways that Spears spoke to interviewers such as Diane Sawyer.

In another interview, teen Spears was asked inappropriate questions about her body. It made fans wonder how we as a society can play such an important role in bullying and humiliating a girl who just wanted to sing.


Britney Spears was asked by the interviewer about her breasts

In 1999, Ivo Niehe interviewed Britney Spears on a Dutch TV program. Tv show cable… Niha was 52 and Spears 17.

Niehe asks the pop singer: “There is one topic that we did not discuss. Everyone is talking about it. Well… chest, ”he said under a sigh and an awkward audience laugh.

“My breasts?” Spears asked, smiling awkwardly.

“You seem to get furious when a talk show host brings this up,” Niehe continued. “Okay, overall, what do you think of breast implants in general?”

Ivo Niehe

Spears responded that while she did not have breast implants, she thought people should do whatever makes them happy. “I think it’s sad that people think I did it … the press started it. If you want to do it, that’s okay, but personally I wouldn’t do it. “

But according to Niehe, the documentary lacks the necessary context. Speaking with Netherlands News LiveNiehe argues that the documentary lacks the necessary context.

“The fragment present in it gives a distorted picture. It gives the false impression that I wanted to talk about her breasts in detail. I wasn’t asking her about her breasts, but about implants in general. “

Why did the interviewer ask Britney Spears this question?

Britney Spears Rolling Stone 1999
Rolling stone

In 1999, Spears posed for the cover Rolling stone magazine titled: “Inside the Heart, Mind and Bedroom of Teenage Dreams.”

In the picture, taken by David LaChapelle, the Grammy-winning singer was lying on a bed covered with hot pink satin sheets. Spears wore polka-dot pajama shorts and a black bra on his unbuttoned shirt. The young popular sensation held a phone in her left hand, and a Tinky Winky doll in her right hand, which was then very covered. Teletubbies.

The seductive imagery caused a stir in the media, and Spears’ American Sweetheart image was questioned. Many in the media doubted whether she had plastic surgery.

The interviewer who spoke to Britney Spears defended himself

Britney Spears dancing in 'Baby One More Time'

Ivo Niehe further explained his actions in this notorious way: “We wanted to give her a serious opportunity to respond to the fuss that arose. I asked about it. Moments later in the conversation, I asked a question about breast implants. In previous interviews, the question was too direct, and, for example, she was asked: “Is what we see real?” This approach was stressful and pissed off Spears. “

“Instead, I asked her for her opinion on plastic surgery. Significantly, she was a role model for peers, and this type of surgery was increasingly appearing among American youth. I said, “Everyone is talking about this: about your chest. Overall, what do you think about breast implants? Spears took advantage of the question. She replied, “If you want it and if it makes you happy, I don’t see any harm in it. But I don’t have them. I think it’s a shame that people think so. “

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Britney Spears Bored Again Baby

“I feel a great responsibility for the guests who want to give me an interview. For forty years I have tried to entertain myself with television. I tell everyone, “Let’s start a conversation spontaneously. If you don’t like something later, I will remove it from the post. – I also asked her management about this. This was not necessary. I have no idea what happened next during the photo shoot with Rutten. “

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The interview with Britney Spears does not cause the slightest regret in the interviewer.

Ivo Niehe was asked if he regretted his actions and he did not regret it.

“I didn’t ask a 17-year-old girl any questions about her breasts. I asked her for her opinion on breast implants: the question was obvious. There was no excitement after that. Now I know myself well; if I make a gross mistake, I will be the first to admit it. “

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