Britney Spears’ mom Lynn breaks silence about being abused at her daughter’s wedding to Sam Asghari amid family feud

Britney Spears’ estranged mother, Lynn has made her first public appearance since she was insulted at the pop star’s wedding.

On Thursday, the Toxic singer married her longtime partner Sam Asgari.


Britney Spears’ mom Lynn speaks out after she was suspended from wedding1 credit
Britney married Sam Asghari at a chic wedding in Los Angeles last week.


Britney married Sam Asghari at a chic wedding in Los Angeles last week.1 credit

Britney, 40, shared a series of photos of her special day on Instagram, reliving the occasion and giving fans a peek.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted Lynn in the comments, who was apparently trying to get along with her daughter after years of feuding between the two.

The mother of the Louisiana native wrote: “You look radiant and so happy!

“Your wedding is a dream wedding!”

She continued, “And having it in your house makes it so sentimental and special!

“I’m sooooo happy for you!”

Lynn concluded, “I love you!”

However, fans seemed to think that the mother of the newlywed star might have ulterior motives.


One Twitter user wrote: “I know she and Jamie Lynn are crazy.”

Another suggested that Lynn was “begging Britney not to turn off the lights in a calm environment.”

A third tweeted: “She was afraid she would lose her mansion.”

A fourth Twitter user responded with a GIF that read: “Desperate, pathetic and lonely.”


Despite the drama with her mom and the rest of her family, Britney and Sam’s wedding was unforgettable.

The Grammy winner walked down the aisle in a tailored Versace dress during an event in a backyard in Los Angeles.

Drew Barrymore, Madonna, Selena Gomez and others were invited to the star event.

Britney completed her classic timeless bridal look with jewelry by Stephanie Gottlieb and makeup by Charlotte Tilbury.

An eyewitness to the extravagant romance exclusively told Kristen Bell Tattoos that the princess of pop drove into a fabulous horse-drawn carriage.

According to an insider, she was walking down the aisle to the Elvis classic “I can’t help but fall in love with you.”

After the ceremony and reception, a white Rolls Royce arrived at the scene to take the couple away.

The lovers first became romantically involved in 2016, having met when Sam starred in her Slumber Party music video, and got engaged in September 2021, just after she was released from custody.

Previously, her guardianship prevented them from marrying and she was not allowed to expand her family, which made this milestone all the more important.

A source close to the hitmaker exclusively told Kristen Bell Tattoos that the wedding took place “in front of close friends and family.”

Her mother was not the only family member who was abused.

A source told Kristen Bell Tattoos that “Britney’s mom, dad and sister Jamie Lynn were not in attendance.”

The wedding budget was “within the seven-figure range” and her lawyer Matthew Rosengart, who played a huge role in getting her out of custody, “played a role in the wedding,” Kristen Bell Tattoos reported.


Although the day was close to perfect, there was one major misfortune.

Britney’s wedding was surrounded by law enforcement after her troubled ex-husband Jason Alexander broke into her home hours before I Dos.

Her ex was arrested and charged with trespassing, vandalism and two counts of battery after he tried to crash his ex-wife’s wedding.

Jason, who was married to Britney for 55 hours in 2004, showed up at his ex’s wedding uninvited, filming himself on Instagram Live.

He turned to the security of the event, said that Britney invited him, and said that she was his first and only previous wife.

Before the physical confrontation between Jason and security ensued, viewers could hear him yelling, “Don’t put your hands on me” and asking, “Where’s Britney?” ignoring security commands.

He continued to move around the grounds, showing details of the wedding – the tent set up – and apparently searching for his ex-wife.

Jason called the event “bullish”, showing off floral arrangements and other decorations.

As soon as the video began to gain momentum, his phone froze.

The disturbed individual was then somehow able to enter Britney’s house – still live – but was eventually grabbed and detained by security.

Lynn wasn't the only family member to be snubbed - Britney's father and sister weren't invited either.


Lynn wasn’t the only family member to be snubbed – Britney’s father and sister weren’t invited either.1 credit
Britney's ex-husband Jason Alexander was also not invited, but still made a splash.


Britney’s ex-husband Jason Alexander was also not invited, but still made a splash.1 credit
Britney and Sam were together for a long time, but could not get married due to her guardianship.


Britney and Sam were together for a long time, but could not get married due to her guardianship.Credit: INSTAGRAM/SAM ASGHARY

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