Britney Spears opened up about Madonna and Selena Gomez’s shocking incident at her wedding in a scathing tirade against her brother Brian.

BRITNEY Spears opened up about the shocking failures of Selena Gomez and Madonna at her wedding in a scathing online rant about family.

In addition to sharing embarrassing details, she took aim at brother Brian for his treatment of her over the years.


Britney Spears has shared intimate and funny details of her recent wedding.Credit: Instagram/britneyspears
She also released a scathing tirade about her brother Brian Spears.


She also released a scathing tirade about her brother Brian Spears.Credit: Instagram / Bryan Spears
Britney revealed that Madonna, who attended the event, fell several times


Britney revealed that Madonna, who attended the event, fell several timesCredit: Instagram / Madonna

On Tuesday, 40-year-old Britney went to Instagram share a text post containing both intimate wedding details and a few words for her brother or sister.

Singer Toxic started her post on a light note by mentioning her wedding.

She wrote: “I made you all happy!!! Happy, happy, happy!!!

“My friend watched the video from the party and to be precise… Madonna fell 3 times… Selena Gomez fell 2 times and I fell once, all because of the rose petals.”

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She continued, “I’m surprised I didn’t fall over every 5 minutes…and no, I didn’t drink a single sip of alcohol!!!”

Then Britney’s post took a more serious turn when she started talking about her family, her custody and how it relates to her relationship with drinking.

The Grammy winner wrote: “I can’t drink much… true story – in my 13 years at the conservatory, I’ve been texted about drugs at least 3 times a week… I don’t even really like alcohol…

“Meanwhile, I heard that my dad went to bars every night… and my brother had his shrimp salad with Jack and Coke every night in Vegas after my show, and sometimes even before it!!! a sip…”


Britney didn’t stop there.

In fact, her ranting got more intense when she wrote, “You let your 5 year old daughter put her hand in her mother’s wine and be stupid when I just left the stage for the third time this week and my little feet were on heels, I go to the only table in a suit, but you don’t tell me … “

She continued, “My question is WHY???? Let’s talk about it… it’s a strong feeling that dad has had all my life, literally making me feel like absolutely nothing… “

The Crossroads star then compared her brother’s behavior to that of a “bully”.

Britney wrote: “Sorry but cops are EXACTLY the same… just because they wear a star on their shirt every day they think it gives them the power to intimidate people…”


The singer then changed course again, though she continued her journey down memory lane.

She recalled a time when she could drink, writing: “End of this story, that’s why I was so excited when I went to Vegas last month… I’m so bad**… NO!!! drank a lot when I was younger…my girlfriend and I could keep 2 bottles of champagne alone in her beach house and then have dinner that night and I ended up taking care of everyone at night.

“…so in Vegas I was ready to drink my first vodka and Sprite!!! No lie, I literally drank half a glass and suddenly my stomach twisted into a knot, so my friend finished his drink… in a restaurant, I thought : “Ow, ow, ow, ow,” my stomach was like a fucking brick!!!!”


Britney added: “Long story short… I actually couldn’t leave my room for 2 days because it upset my stomach… well now I’m older and more sensitive and yes I’m a bit bitter because I used to be able to have fun, when I drank, but now I either got too sick or fell asleep right away !!!”

The pop hitmaker then again referred to her guardianship, saying, “Funny enough my family did what they did to me drug testing me all this time and yet I can’t stand most alcohol!!! No, I’m not cool. ..I wish I could play that bad girl my family wants to play, but honestly…I’m too old for this shit!!!”

She targeted Brian again, writing, “And Brian… your podcast interview was so SPECIAL!!! I know that you and your family didn’t have any bad intentions that took all these years when I honestly wanted to just be a respectable person with a glass of red wine… but as you said in your interview… Brian, when this an incredibly kind person asked “why doesn’t your family just let her be???” your answer was… “she can’t even book a table for dinner…”

“None of you ever wanted this to end because you all loved to tell me what to do and treated me like an absolute noob!!! What you said right there to that person in that interview said it all, Brian!!! You’ve never been invited to my wedding so why even reply???”


Britney concluded: “Do you really think I wish my brother was there who told me not to drink Jack and cocaine for 4 years… what??? If we were going to have drinks together at the wedding and play cool roles for the kids like you and your mom do how you people literally hid coffee and alcohol when I came home… you hurt me and you know it!!!

“And I could force myself to drink Jack tonight… look at the moon and say, ‘F**K YOU!!!'” Psss I have an assistant to book a table for dinner… DON’T YOU KNOW??? I know you are my blood and yet the blood runs deep but none of my family will do what you guys did with me… Psss. ..I love your post brother!!! Happy Independence Day Brit!!! Congratulations Brit Brit!!! GO F**K YOU Brian – fuck you…”


As is often the case, Britney’s fans flocked to the comments to support her.

“I love you so damn much. Keep sharing your truth queen! We’re proud of you,” wrote one fan.

Another commenter urged her: “Britney tell it all!!”

“Britney, you don’t need any of them! You have always been a strong independent woman!!” read another comment.

A fourth fan wrote, “You so deserve it! I smile from the first sentence of the Queen.”

Another commenter wrote: “We love you! We’re so glad you’re free.”


Britney was under guardianship for 13 years, and her personal life and finances were controlled, in part, by her father, Jamie Spears.

She was released from custody in November 2021.

A few months after the end of custody, the singer married longtime partner Sam Asgari.

The duo tied the knot in a beautiful backyard ceremony in Los Angeles.

Celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Madonna, Selena and others were in attendance.

Britney married Sam, 28, in a Versace dress with Stephanie Gottlieb jewelry and Charlotte Tilbury makeup.

Some family members are said to have been present, but mum Lynn Spears, dad Jamie, sister Jamie Lynn and brother Brian were not among them.

According to Britney, Selena Gomez, who was also in attendance, struggled to stay on her feet.


According to Britney, Selena Gomez, who was also in attendance, struggled to stay on her feet.1 credit
Britney married fiance Sam Asgari last week.


Britney married fiance Sam Asgari last week.1 credit
Brian, Jamie's sister Lynn Spears, mum Lynn Spears and dad Jamie Spears were not invited.


Brian, Jamie’s sister Lynn Spears, mum Lynn Spears and dad Jamie Spears were not invited.1 credit

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