Britney Spears reportedly “resentful and angry” over sister’s interview, “refuses” to watch

Jamie Lynn Spears spoke about her relationship with her sister in a candid interview, but Britney Spears was too “offended” and “refused” to watch.

Jamie Lynn Spears in a white suit (left), Britney Spears looks down and upset (right)

All eyes were on the sensational meeting of Jamie Lynn Spears with Good morning america except for her sisters. Britney Spears “refused” to tune into the event, where her sister discussed the 13-year guardianship of the singer and the discord that arose in their relationship.

Jamie Lynn Spears appeared on Good Morning America to address her sister and her guardianship.

Actress Sweet Magnolia burst into tears Wednesday, insisting that she “still loves” her sister. The interview took place a week before the release of Jamie Lynn’s candid new book, in which fans expect her to reveal family secrets and her relationship with her sister, the pop star.


The actress has stated in an interview that she has always had sisters and that she was not actively involved in custody, which began when she was only 17 years old and pregnant.

“I didn’t understand what was going on and I wasn’t focused on it… I understood as little about it then as I do now,” Jamie Lynn told interviewee Juju Chung.

“I’ve always been my sister’s biggest supporter,” she continued, “so when she needed help, I found ways to get it done, tried my best to make sure she had the contacts she needed to maybe go go ahead and kill yourself.” this guardianship and just end it all for our family. If it will cause so much controversy, why continue it?”

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Britney Spears didn’t bother to watch the interview, saying that she was deeply hurt, someone else was telling her story.

But were they crocodile tears? Britney Spears seems to think so, and she “refused” to watch the interview. The singer is ‘deeply offended’ that those who claim to love her “Keep trying to tell her story.” That toxic the singer is “angry” because this is her story.

Britney posted a similar opinion in November, hinting at an Instagram post. so that it “spills” about his 13-year-old custody in his own interview.

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That Womanizer the singer told the world about her feelings for her sister when she recently unfollowed her on Instagram. Britney has called her family on multiple occasions since custody ended last year. In an Instagram post last month, the singer said she was “in pain for no reason” and that her family was the cause of her pain.

The princess of pop also complained that Jamie Lynn performed her hits, and the singer’s family denied her the same opportunity.

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