Britney Spears reveals on Instagram why she is giving up music

Fans eagerly awaiting the pop princess to create new music will wait awhile after she reveals why she’s taking a step back.

Britney Spears is a singer, songwriter and dancer with a huge following worldwide.

But the international star spoke about her decision to give up music and said bluntly that her decision was “my way of saying ‘F ** k You’.”

Britney posted some of her deep thoughts online on Monday to let her fans know where she is in terms of her singing career. The sun reports.

From what she said, fans will have to wait for the pop star to release her next hit.

On instagram mailBritney shared a series of photos, the first slide of which read: “When you wake up. PRAY.”

The second slide said: “When life gets hard. PRAY.”

The third slide said, “If you’re not sure. PRAY.”

The fourth slide said, “When you are happy. PRAY.”

The fifth slide says, “God is always with us.”

On the last three slides, Britney wrote an essay that spills out all her heart and emotions.

She said: “I have asked for 13 years to perform new songs and remixes of my old songs … and every time I asked, I was told:“ No … !!!!! “”

“It was an attempt to make me fail,” she added.

“I think now most people find it strange why I don’t even make music anymore … these are just superficial problems.

“People have no idea what terrible things have happened to me personally … and after what I went through, I am afraid of people and business !!!!”

“I don’t do music anymore – that’s my way of saying ‘F ** k You’ in a way, when it only benefits my family while ignoring my real job.”

How did the internet react to Britney Spears’ message?

The comment section for her Instagram post is awash with kind words and helpful tips.

“Britney, this is why the world loves you. You are Britney, damn it Spears, but you have insecurities – people feel they can treat you at this level, ”wrote one fan.

“You say you’re not a superwoman, but with the pain you have experienced, it’s a feat that you seem even remotely positive or happy. I put myself in your place, and I would not be as persistent as you. “

“Thanks for sharing, Britney. It’s so personal and real, ”wrote another. ️

The third person said: “You and I, queen, heal and enjoy, your coming awaits you,” and the fourth added: “You don’t owe anyone an explanation. Nobody has experienced your trauma except you and only you know how to heal and what is best for you. ️ “

Britney Spears recently teased new music?

Britney sang live and teased new music, but after her guardianship ended, warned her family, “I won’t forget what you did to me.”

This happened after Britney’s father, Jamie, demanded that she pay his lawyer for $ 1.2 thousand an hour, despite the fact that he was removed from the position of her guardian.

Britney also sang heartily in the video she posted on her Instagram.

She recorded her singing from the phone in the bathroom mirror.

Britney wrote a long caption to her post and said, “I just figured it out today guys … after what my family tried to do to me three years ago … I needed to become a cheerleader myself …”

This article first appeared on The sun and was reproduced with permission

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