Britney Spears reveals the real reason she is not ready to return to music

Fans expecting new music from Britney Spears will have to wait a little longer as her conservative attitude has made her fearful of the industry.

Britney Spears reveals the real reason she is not ready to return to music

Britney Spears Last night, she spoke frankly on social media as to why she’s not ready to return to music just yet. After reports claimed that the Princess of Pop was ready to return, the singer took to Instagram to talk about her struggles and why she hesitated to return to the music industry.

Britney Spears stated that she was not allowed to create new music under her tutelage.

V I am against music The singer seems to have lived out the words of her song in real life. Britney was finally able to come out the winner from her 13-year guardianship, in which the singer was not allowed to have any privacy, “having a phone, a car, or even having a door to her room.”


According to Britney, she asked for 13 years to “perform new songs and remixes of my old songs,” but she was told “No …” while she was under guardianship. Britney says she was treated “unforgivably” and claims that while she was told “no,” TV channels boasted of remixes of her songs, and her sister was given remixes.

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He looked like a 40-year-old man who fans dubbed “Years, ”And“ The Holy Spearit ”were ready to return to the game, teasing a new song just last week.

Britney used music as a way to get revenge on her family.

Britney’s army will have to wait for new music as Toxic The singer revealed that the way she was treated during her conservatism made her fearful of the music industry.

“I think most people nowadays find it strange why I don’t even make music anymore … these are just superficial problems. People have no idea what terrible things have been done to me personally … and after what I went through, I I’m afraid of people and my business !!!! “

Britney said that giving up making new music was a way to get revenge on her family, which she claims she unknowingly allowed to win.

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“I don’t do music anymore – in a way, I say ‘F – k You’.” she wrote, “when it really only benefits my family, ignoring my real job.”

The pop legend ended on a positive note, showing her New Year’s decision is to push herself, and it’s safe to say that fans are hoping she’s going to go into the studio.

“My goal this year is to push myself a little more and do things that scare me, but not too much. I know what makes me happy and brings me joy, and I try to meditate on the places and thoughts that allow me to experience This!!!!!”

Whatever she does, it looks like the world supports Britney, and she has tons of famous faces supporting her.

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