Britney Spears’ sister Jamie Lynn protects her daughters after the star receives a shocking message from a troll

BRITNEY Spears’ younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears became a bear mother, resisting a nasty troll who wished her daughters ill through social media.

The actress has two little daughters.


Jamie Lynn Spears criticized the troll for comments about her daughter onlineCredit: Instagram / jamielynnspears.
She shared a shocking post on her Instagram story.


She shared a shocking post on her Instagram story.Credit: Instagram / jamielynnspears.

Jamie Lynn posted a horrifying message she received from an anonymous troll, along with a message about why she couldn’t just “brush off” the comment.

She explained that she was used to hate messages, but not when it comes to her children, whom she described as “innocent”.

“I became useless to receive love and hate from strangers because even before I ever had a choice, when I was about eight years old,” she wrote.

Jamie Lynn continued, “As a kid, I had to learn to admit hate, rise above evil, and NEVER give negativity as much of the attention it desperately craves, but it’s one that I can’t just brush it off.

“You may not love me, and that’s okay, but THIS cannot be tolerated under any circumstances, let alone innocent underage children.”

She attached a screenshot of the message that read, “White trash bitch. I hope your daughter gets raped. Both of them. “

Jamie replied to the hater, “Dude, this is awful.”

The former Nickelodeon star shares daughter Maddie with ex-boyfriend Casey Aldridge.

She was born in 2008. In 2018, Jamie Lynn and her husband Jamie Watson welcomed another child named Ivy.

After Jamie Lynn shared with DM, she posted a series of posts asking her fans to respond with kindness.

She noted that she is “immensely blessed,” adding that she “has more important things to focus on in today’s world.”

However, she encouraged people to be kind.

Jamie Lynn finished her post: “Perhaps this negativity will bring something positive to those who need it. I love you all. “


She has been the target of vicious Internet attacks several times in recent months, and the hatred intensified after her guardian sister Britney publicly called several members of the famous family.

Although Britney’s main problem was with her parents Jamie and Lynn Spears, she also called out her sister for her alleged wrongdoings following her lengthy guardianship battle.

Britney claims that many of her family members have been “insulted” and wants to take them to court.

She accused Jamie Lynn of being “mean **” and remixed one of her songs in 2017 without her permission.

Britney recently unfollowed Jamie Lynn on Instagram due to their violent feud.

She has overshadowed her in the past, accusing her of being her “so-called support system.”

The Toxic singer has been outspoken after winning the battle for conservatism, while the rest of her family remains silent.

She posted much more on social media and shared grim details of her past.

Not everything was negative.

Britney also talked about life with fiancé Sam Asgari, with whom she enjoyed time.

The two are planning to get married, although it is unclear when.

She has been the target of many online attacks since Britney Spears turned against her.


She has been the target of many online attacks since Britney Spears turned against her.Credit: Getty
Jamie Lynn is silent about the feud


Jamie Lynn is silent about the feudCredit: Instagram / Jamie Lynn Spears
Her older sister, however, named her


Her older sister, however, called her a “mean ass”.Credit: Reuters.
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