Britney Spears slams Jamie Lynn’s ‘crazy lies’ after younger sister claims the pop star ‘locked them in a room with a KNIFE’

BRITNEY Spears slammed Jamie Lynn for her ‘crazy lies’ in a new post following her little sister’s shocking knife claims.

It comes after the iconic pop star’s siblings claimed that Britney “locked them in a room with a knife” in an interview with Nightline.


Britney Spears slams Jamie Lynn’s shocking claimsCredit: Instagram/britneyspears
The star's younger sister recently claimed that Britney once


The star’s younger sister recently claimed that Britney once “locked them in a room with a knife.”Credit: Instagram/Jamie Lynn Spears

40 year old man took Twitter to respond to the claims, as she denied the accusations and wrote to Jamie Lynn: “…you’ve sunk to a whole new level of low…”

The famous artist then went on to explain the alleged situation in a lengthy response.

She said: “I have never been near you with a knife, and I would never have thought to do it! The only knife I’ve ever seen you with at home was cutting the biggest piece of pumpkin I’ve ever seen in mine too big for me to cut.”

Britney continued, “Please, please stop these crazy lies for Hollywood books. Now, and only now, I know that only a scumbag would come up with such things about someone.”

“Actually, I’m really embarrassed that you’re making this up because honestly, it doesn’t sound like you at all! around children? Jamie Lynn, seriously?

Britney concluded, “Congratulations on introducing your older sister to the concept of going down…lower…lower because you’re winning at it, baby!”

Many fans were quick to react when one person in the comment section wrote, “Starting to think her sister is doing this to make money and shame her because she’s not making any more money from her.”

Another stepped in and supported Britney: “None of us believe the lies in this book and we support you 100%. I’m sorry you have to deal with this. It’s not fair at all.”

While one said, “Yes, Britney! You speak your truth and give it to them.
Enough means enough. She is jealous because she has heard about you all her life, and now she needs attention … “

Britney’s hot reaction came just days after Jamie Lynn’s ABC interview.

During a conversation with Juju Chung, Jamie Lynn claimed that Britney once grabbed a knife and locked them both in a room.

The 30-year-old man claimed there were even more fights during their childhood.

Reflecting on the alleged incident, Jamie Lynn said: “I was scared. It was the moment that I had.

“I was also afraid to say something because I didn’t want to upset anyone, but I was also so upset that she didn’t feel safe.”

In her new memoir, Things I Should Have Said, the actress also stated that Britney’s behavior over the years has been “erratic, paranoid and impetuous.”

Britney, who recently unfollowed Jamie Lynn on Instagram, has been quite vocal about her new freedom following the end of her guardianship in November.

Before her big win in court, the mother-of-two went after her sister, calling her an “evil ass**” after Jamie seemed to shade her when she said, “May the peace of the Lord and your spirit be with you.” in the Instagram caption.

Previously, Britney got mad at Jamie Lynn and said, “I don’t like that my sister showed up at the awards show and performed MY SONGS to the remixes!!!!! My so-called support system caused me deep pain!

“This conservatory killed my dreams… so all I have is hope, and hope is the only thing in this world that is very hard to kill… but people still try!”

Jamie Lynn performed alongside Kelsey Ballerini, Hailee Steinfeld and more remixing Britney’s most popular songs at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards.

As her older brother sat in the audience watching, Jamie Lynn stepped out to sing Britney’s 2011 hit Till The World Ends.

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