Britney Spears’ two sons refused to see her for MONTHS over nude Instagram posts, ex-Kevin Federline says.

GROWING UP in the shadow of superstar parents is never easy, but for Britney Spears’ two sons, the darkness stretches a little further than it does for most.

Their father, Kevin Federline, tried to make a normal life for teenage boys as the family is torn apart by lawsuits and bitter words on social media.


Britney Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline says the boys haven’t seen her in months.1 credit
Sons Britney Preston and Jayden spend time apart from mom


Sons Britney Preston and Jayden spend time apart from mom1 credit

And now, breaking a ten-year silence, the father of 16-year-old Preston and 15-year-old Jayden admits that they have not seen Britney for several months.

Kevin, 44, said: ‘The boys have decided they can’t see her right now.

“It’s been a few months since they’ve seen her. They made the decision not to go to the wedding.

“This was hard. I think it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.”

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In an extensive interview, Britney’s ex-husband also reveals:

  • He tells the boys that their mom’s provocative Instagram posts are her way of “expressing herself.”
  • His belief that Britney’s controversial custodial activities “saved” her but went on for too long.
  • How he got a restraining order against Britney’s conservative father, but is ready to build bridges with him.
  • He learned that his marriage to the singer had ended in a live radio interview.

Since leaving the shackles of her custody in November 2021, Britney has made some huge life changes.

The 2008 judgment meant that many aspects of her finances and personal life were under the control of her father Jamie, 70.

naked posts

In June, Britney, 40, married her partner Sam Asgari, 28, and bought a huge £10 million mansion a stone’s throw from the Federline family home in Los Angeles.

Her glamorous wedding to a model and personal trainer was attended by celebrities, including Madonna and Paris Hilton, but most of the Spears clan didn’t receive an invitation.

Preston and Jayden were on the guest list but decided not to go after cutting off contact with Britney a few months ago.

Kevin said: “They were happy for her, but since they don’t see her right now, they made the decision not to go to her wedding.”

The decision to end contact was made by the boys after they became increasingly uncomfortable with what they witnessed during their visits, but Kevin won’t go into details.

Kevin says he explains to the boys that Britney's nude posts are her way of expressing herself.


Kevin says he explains to the boys that Britney’s nude posts are her way of expressing herself.1 credit
Kevin Federline says he found out his marriage to Britney ended on live radio


Kevin Federline says he found out his marriage to Britney ended on live radio1 credit

Their own home is a paradise filled with love.

Talented boys, as musical as both parents, compose songs – Jayden can spend up to three hours a day playing the piano.

Kevin wants to make sure they can “talk to me about everything,” including difficult topics like their mother’s 13-year-old guardianship and even discussing her naughty and sometimes nude Instagram posts.

Father of six Kevin, who lives with his 39-year-old wife Victoria, their two children, his sons from Britney and two older children from a previous marriage, says he has “apologised” to Preston and Jayden for the flood of photos posted online. their mother.

In a series of interviews, parts of which will be shown on ITV News this week, he tells me, “I’m trying to explain to them, ‘Look, maybe this is just another way she’s trying to express herself.’

“But that doesn’t detract from the fact that it does to them. It’s hard”.

In recent years, boys have also become interested in their mother’s guardianship.

When they were younger, Kevin explained to them, “Your mom needs help.”

But now they have deeper discussions about why this legal agreement went into effect.

Kevin believes that the 2008 order, issued by the court, when a person is found unable to manage their own affairs, “100 percent” saved Britney from the very beginning.

Kevin says the door is always open for the boys to see their relatives.


Kevin says the door is always open for the boys to see their relatives.1 credit

At the time of the ruling, Kevin had sole custody of their sons, but as things got better, the parents began to split them 50-50.

Kevin credits Jamie Spears for working with him to create an environment where boys could see their mother regularly.

Now Kevin wonders if Jamie has “exceeded” control over his daughter’s life and worries if his ex-wife’s privacy has been violated.

And although he is very sympathetic to Jamie, the couple had their own problems.

In November 2019, Kevin issued a restraining order against his former father-in-law following allegations of an altercation with one of his sons.

But he still “welcomed” their grandfather back into the boys’ lives.

“People make mistakes,” he says. “I feel like he went through a spin.”

Jamie seems to have more shocks ahead.

Britney’s legal team hopes to have him questioned under oath over allegations of mismanagement of her guardianship, with the possibility of further lawsuits.

The singer has also lashed out at several family members on social media in recent weeks, including her mom Lynn, 67, sister Jamie Lynn, 31, and brother Brian, 45.

But despite harsh words and court cases, Kevin insists that there is a lot of love in the family and keeps the door open for the boys to see all of his relatives.

Britney Spears recently married dancer Sam Ashgari.


Britney Spears recently married dancer Sam Ashgari.Credit: Getty – Contributor

He says, “They all care so much about each other. Ordinary families do this, but it is not covered in social networks and on television.”

Kevin has not spoken to Britney for several years, but even now he fondly remembers their whirlwind romance.

It was love at first sight when they were introduced by a mutual friend at the Hollywood nightclub Joseph’s Cafe in 2004.

There was an “immediate” connection, and six months later the couple tied the knot in Los Angeles.

Kevin was an established dancer and up-and-coming musician when Britney, capitalizing on the success of her fourth album, took time out to have two children.

The contrast in their lives and the media attention caused their relationship to break down.

Kevin was promoting his latest single in Canada in 2006 when a radio personality who was interviewing him “dazzled” him on live television and told him that Britney had filed for divorce.

His thoughts immediately turned to his two boys back at home.

“She wanted full custody,” Kevin says. “I knew I had to fight. Children were everything.”

In Chicago, he met lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan, who told him, “I’m going to get custody of you because I believe in you and believe in you.”

After a bitter divorce and legal battle over the children, the couple was given joint custody.

But it was the beginning of a particularly difficult period for Britney.

And after her public outburst in 2007, a judge awarded Kevin full custody.

He recalls a night around this time when a shaven-headed Britney, followed by dozens of paparazzi, tried to confront him at home.

downward spiral

First, he noticed camera flashes, and then the pop star began to ring the intercom, trying to enter the territory.

As Kevin’s mother hurried the kids upstairs, he and a member of his security staff attached sheets to the windows to protect their privacy from outside predators.

His main concern was for the children – he did not want them to see how their mother behaves in this way.

After seeing the press coverage of her downward spiral later, Kevin “gritted” for the woman he once loved.

Now his only focus is on his children and he hopes that the boys will eventually be able to have a good relationship with their mother.

But Kevin is solemn when he admits, “It’s all been hard to watch, harder to live through, harder to see what my boys are going through than anything else.”

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My time at home with Brady Bunch

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Daphne Barack

WHILE filming this documentary, I saw firsthand fatherhood in the eye of the storm.

Being a full-time father of six children at the best of times isn’t easy, but under the current circumstances, it’s very different.

Kevin Federline stayed out of the limelight for over a decade, trying to give his kids a sense of groundedness and normality.

But when I approached him, he was finally ready to tell his story.

In fact, he has a couple of lucrative book deals on his desk – something he wouldn’t have thought of while raising young children with wife Victoria.

On set with Senior Producer Bill Gunasty, we spent a lot of time at home with Kevin and all of his kids.

Among them are the sons of Britney Preston and Jayden and his two children from Victoria – 11-year-old Jordan and eight-year-old Peyton.

We were also joined by Kevin’s older children – 20-year-old Corey and 18-year-old Caleb – from his relationship with actress Shar Jackson.

Three boys and three girls happily together form the perfect blended family. Kevin jokes that they are like the Brady Bunch from TV.

Despite the obvious difficulties, the Britney boys are doing well.

Preston loves to draw and shows great artistic promise, while Jayden plays the piano and composes music.

There is no malice in this house for anyone – least of all for Britney.

Kevin feels only forgiveness and love for the entire Spears family.

And more than anything, he hopes that one day they will all be able to communicate like a normal family again.

Photo courtesy of Erbil Gunasti.

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