Brittany Hockley says Nick Cummins ‘blamed her’ for backlash after The Bachelor

Brittany Hockley has opened up about Nick Cummins’ infamous Bachelor finale in which she dumped both finalists and left the nation in shock.

Former reality star Brittany Hockley is reflecting on the Bachelor finale no one saw coming, opening up about how her ex Nick Cummins treated her in the wake of her infamous double-dumping.


Hawkley was brutally dropped In Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins’ season finale Bachelor With Sophie Timman, that resulted in a no-winning and history-making season for the franchise.

talking to happy r The podcast, Hockley, has now revealed that the Honey Badger “blames him” for the audience’s uproar that he didn’t find love on the show.

“He wasn’t the greatest for me afterwards,” said the 33-year-old podcast host. “I think he blamed me a lot for the hatred I got from Australia. I don’t think he was expecting Australia to hate so much.

Hockley, who is now dating tennis star Jordan Thompson, 27, said she spoke to Cummins about why he was so hostile toward her, to find out that he was upset about some of the things she did. Said in the interview.

“You do that after so many media interviews, and he was like, ‘This is everything you’re saying in the media,’ and I was like, ‘Find me a bad thing I’ve said, because I’ve never been bad. Not said thing. I just wouldn’t have done it.'”


Hawkley further explained how Cummins’ shock final verdict Channel 10 impressed the show’s production team, explaining that no one knew it was coming.

“When that happened, production went into recession,” she explained. “You could see it on people’s faces.


“The way they were acting, it was very clear that most of them were shocked by what had just happened.”

According to Hockley, Cummins’ own producer was the only person he told, and even then, he didn’t find out until finale day.

“I honestly thought it was me with Nick at the end,” she said. “I mean, I was still with him the night before, at 1 a.m. on a date, we were at a spa, we were having a great time.

“You wake up at 8 a.m. to record the finale, so a couple of hours early. Everything he said and did made me think it was me.”

in the last excavation SAS Australia The contender, Hockley, thought he might have been in it just for the money.

“There’s a huge chance he went there knowing he was supposed to f**k with thirty girls [and] get half a million,” she said of Cummins, who was Reportedly paid $500,000 for his season,

three years from memorable seasonCummins has appeared on screen as an ambassador for Tready’s Underwear, with a reality TV stint on Channel 7 last year. SAS Australia,

Earlier this year, it was reported that he has fallen in love with Alexandra George.

Meanwhile, Hockley went public with tennis player boyfriend Jordan Thompson in February, and hosts Life Uncut, one of Australia’s most popular podcasts.

Hockley’s podcast, hosted with fellow Bachelor alum Laura Byrne, recently won big at the Australian Podcast Awards, and was chosen by KIIS FM to turn it into a national radio show.


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