Brittany of Big Brother 24 ‘was so confused’ by Michael’s speech

Brittany Hoops questions remained after her eviction from Big Brother Season 24 on Thursday, September 22.

The 32-year-old hypnotherapist who was eliminated from the Final Four by the winner of the veto Monte Taylorreflects on where she went wrong in her game.


“I wish I had the opportunity – when I had some what I would call “fake conversations” or conversations that were kind of rubbish – I would like to go back to the people I worked with and say : — Hey, so-and-so said it. It’s a fake. Don’t believe me, but I want you to know,” Brittany says exclusively. Us weekly. “I think I did it from time to time, but there [were] sometimes I admit that people believe other people and not me because I just don’t warn them.”

Brittany had been on the block the week before, along with her closest ally. Michael Bruner with double eviction. Although she remained above him, what surprised her most was his speech about eviction.

“I literally had no idea at the time what was going on,” says Brittany. “I had no idea the house was against me in any way. Michael knew about my conversations with other guests, even about him. So the fact that at that moment he kind of threw me under the bus, I was so confused that I completely trusted him with my entire game. And I was just really baffled to hear that he was sort of using elements of my game that he was well aware of and that he was in agreement with against me at that moment.”

Brittany Hoopes and Matthew Turner in Big Brother. CBS

She adds: “In terms of talking to him and the jury, I have so many questions. I truly consider him a friend for life. I really just want to understand why he felt the need to drag me along with him. I would have thought he had the self-awareness to know that if we were on the block together, there was nothing he could say or do that could save him. So why not keep it clean? That’s what surprised me.”

As for what Brittany would change about her acting, she reveals Us, “I think I would make sure that when I talk to other house guests – perhaps with whom I am not so closely connected – even if I know they are fake and they get into my mind’s spam filter, I would pass this information to people I’ve worked with and would say, “Hey, so-and-so approached me about this. It’s unrealistic. Of course, I told them yes, whatever, but you know, just know between us that I’m working with you. I would reassure people a little more that I work with them so that there is no misunderstanding. As for me, I just put it out of my mind, didn’t really think about it, but, you know, there are rumors from time to time and sometimes people don’t confront you and you can’t explain yourself.”


Big Brother 24 the finale airs on CBS on Sunday, September 25 at 8:00 pm ET/PT.


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