Brooklyn Beckham and his wife, multimillionaire heiress Nicola, ate £3 burgers and £1 fries from Wendy’s at a £3 million wedding.

BROOKLYN Beckham and his wife Nicola tried to save money on their £3 million wedding by ordering fast food for guests from the American chain her father works for.

The couple, who wed in Los Angeles on April 9, stopped by Wendy’s to serve out £3 cheeseburgers and £4 chicken nuggets in the evening.


Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz have shared details and photos of their big day with Vogue.1 credit

Nicola’s father, multi-millionaire businessman Nelson, is the chairman of the network and a major investor in the company.

In his first interview as a couple with British Vogue, Brooklyn, 23, who is trying to make a career as a chef, said it was his idea to eat junk food at a party.

The wannabe cook and 27-year-old actress Nicola ate greasy snacks with her guests, who included such famous stars as Eva Longoria, Mel B, Venus and Serena Williams.

Nicola, who is the heir to her father’s multi-million dollar fortune, said: “We didn’t eat at all until we got to Wendy’s truck and then I had three hamburgers.”

Brooklyn Beckham breaks silence after marrying Nicola Peltz in £3 million wedding
Nicola Peltz's glamorous Valentino wedding dress at her wedding to Brooklyn Beckham

Brooklyn added, “It was my idea, the perfect finishing touch.”

Brooklyn and Nicola also shared fashion bible wedding photos, including shots of them walking down the beach in Los Angeles shortly after their wedding.

Since they said yes, comparisons have been made between the extravagant wedding hosted by Brooklyn’s parents David, 47, and Victoria, 48, in 1999 and their big day.

But Nicola insisted they weren’t inspired by Posh and Becks.

She said: “Their wedding was incredible and these photos have become iconic, but we were most inspired by the wedding of Iman and David Bowie.”

Brooklyn and Nicola, who got engaged in July 2020 after nine months of dating, also revealed they had to change their wedding date three times due to the pandemic.

Nicola explained, “When the world was on lockdown, we were trying different versions of what a wedding should look like.

“We weren’t sure if we should have a small party before and then a big party.

“In the end, we decided we wanted a big wedding as soon as it was safe to do so. And we’re so happy we did it.

“It was amazing to be back in the presence of so many people we love.”

Brooklyn added, “We didn’t realize how much we missed it.”

On that day, Brooklyn, along with his father David, 47, and his brothers Romeo, 19, and Cruz, 17, wore tailored Dior suits.

Nicola, who had ten-year-old sister Brooklyn Harper as her bridesmaid, opted for a couture Valentino gown tailored just for her.

In an interview with Vogue, chef Brooklyn said the best part of the day is meeting Nicola for the first time.

He said: “The highlight of the whole wedding for me was the first time I saw her in this dress.

“It was the first time in my life that I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath.”

Nicola also revealed that her mum Claudia secretly added details to her veil, including an evil eye that is said to ward off evil spirits.

Claudia also had a seamstress who embroidered a message to Nikola with blue thread, which read: “Nikola, my heart. You are me, I am you. All my love, all my life, my beautiful girl, inside and out. Love Mother.”

Nicola said, “I’m glad she showed me this after the ceremony because I just burst into tears.”

Since they got married, Brooklyn and Nicola have been inseparable and have been photographed together in New York and London.

But while the newlyweds are now happily in love, Nicola admitted that when they first met at Coachella in 2017, it wasn’t love at first sight.

She told Vogue, “We didn’t get along at first.”

They later met again at a Halloween party and hit it off – the couple announced their engagement less than a year after they started dating.

Nicola said the couple was not inspired by the wedding of Brooklyn's parents and Victoria and David.


Nicola said the couple was not inspired by the wedding of Brooklyn’s parents and Victoria and David.1 credit
Brooklyn, here in a golf buggy on his big day, said he was behind the wheel when it came to ordering from a Wendys van.


Brooklyn, here in a golf buggy on his big day, said he was behind the wheel when it came to ordering from a Wendys van.Credit: Mega agency

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