BTS fans confirm Twitter as a cold play Collaborate with KK Pop Group.

On Monday morning, K-Pop fans took to Twitter. Super Group BTS fans. Launch of today’s eight trending topics on social media platforms.

“It’s Verified,” “It’s Official,” “English and Korean,” and “Collab of the Century” all received thousands of tweets quickly after fans, Kindly called BTS Army., Received some interesting news.

British rock band Coldplay has confirmed on its account that two chart-topping music groups are joining forces for a two-track album to be released on September 24.

The announcement was preceded by a coded message posted on the band’s Alien Radio FM page. The short video shows a series of strange “letters” appearing on the screen, decoded and the announcement spelled out. Stranger language is used by the band to promote their upcoming album. Circle music., Was decoded in May following the release of their first single, “Higher Power”. This time, the band faced a backlash. Allegedly copying Lady Gaga. Chromatica. Aesthetic.

Coldplay posted a message on their website after the secret announcement.

“The band today announced their much-anticipated collaboration with BTS,” the statement said. “My Universe” will be released on September 24

The announcement continued, “My Universe is the second single from the band’s upcoming album. Circle music.

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Max Martin produced the former Cold Play single “Higher Power”, but it will mark BTS for the first time. Working with a Swedish mega producer. Which produced some of the most recognizable melodies in pop music.

Although the first collaboration between the two bands, it. This is not the first time they have made headlines together.. Just over a year ago, Cold Play launched the iHeart Radio Awards in September 2020. Korean Heart Throbes, whose single “Butter” topped the charts this week. Number three singles Since then on Billboard Hot 100, and fans are confident that their latest collaboration will be just as great.

A Cold Play fan wrote, “The fact is that the physical edition of My Universe has sold out in less than five minutes with Cold Play XBTS.

“I can’t believe Cold Play has only 1 # 1 song on Hot 100 but the way they have magical and incredible discography. Cold Play’s # 1 …” added another hopeful.

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Others hope to see the two bands perform together soon.

“Well, My Universe will be on the 24th and Global Citizen Live on the 25th. Coldplay has confirmed that it will be performing in New York. Will be.”

“My Universe” will be released on September 24.

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