Buffy reference you might have missed in Amazon Prime’s Paper Girls

The first episode of “Paper Girls” takes place on Hell’s Day – the morning after Halloween – in the sleepy town of Stony Steam, Ohio. The story follows Mac (Sofia Rozinski), Erin (Riley Nye Leleth), KJ (Fina Strazza) and Tiff (Camryn Jones) as they try to complete their paper routes, but let’s just say that things don’t go right. . plan.

After getting into a fight with local thugs, the girls decide it’s safer if they stick together to complete their assigned tasks. So Mac suggests that they start on the Sunnydale route, and so begins a journey that eventually leads them to the epicenter of a war between time-travelling factions.

As mentioned earlier, Sunnydale is the name of the old town where Buffy lives. Mac’s comment is a subtle nod to Buffy the Vampire Slayer by and large, but it’s further proof that the horror series’ legacy remains strong to this day.

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