Busy Philipps and Mark Silverstein split after 14 years

Busy Philipps and Mark Silverstein have split after nearly 15 years of marriage. During the latest episode of her podcast”busy Philipps doing his bestOn May 27, Philipps revealed that she and Silverstein have been separated since February 2021, more than a year. “Mark and I have been separated for a very long time and our kids know, our families know, our friends know. she says. – It’s a journey. Jour-her. It’s been a journey.”

Philipps and Silverstein married on June 16, 2007 and have two children: 13-year-old Birdie Lee and 8-year-old Cricket Pearl. Over the years, Philipps has been open about their relationship, being candid about how she nearly divorced Silverstein multiple times due to disagreements. Speaking about their separation, Philipps explained that they have decided to keep the details of their relationship over the past year under wraps in order to protect their children during this difficult time.

“The surest way that Mark and I have been able to ensure the privacy of our children, whom we so fucking love, is not to involve the public,” she said breathlessly. “There is a common perception of what a person should do in the public eye when their relationship ends, and that is very well known, right? You make a statement, you are committed to remaining friends; our family’s privacy at this time. But the truth is who came up with this rule – is this how you do it? I’m serious”.

“You can only do what is right for you and your family.”

She continued, “And if anything, the last few years have shown me that you can only do what is right for you and your family, whether you are in public life or just posting on social media. Facebook or something like that. Because at the moment we all have a public life. You don’t have to follow a common idea just because it’s already been done before. I really believe in it.”

When Philipps’ co-host, Casey St. Onge, remarked that they seem friendly from an outsider’s point of view, the “Girls5eva” star explained that she and Silverstein still support each other. “Well, we love each other—very much! And we have these beautiful kids together and there are a lot of things that really work in our relationship… I really wanted to be able to see things clearly before talking publicly about [the separation]and now I can see so clearly how grateful I am that I have children with him, and that he is the person with whom I raise my children.

The couple has gone through many ups and downs over the years, including several disputes over the unequal distribution of parenting. “[Marc] did not understand how to be a dad, and did not try. I raised myself,” she said. Parents in 2018. “When I told him I wanted a second child, he said, ‘OK, but it’s all up to you.’ It was so heartbreaking… You will have periods when you are not in [parenting], but there must always be one person ready to fight. I came to Mark several times and said: “I can’t do this anymore.” Something has to change, and that’s you.”

“We are in the process, but we are trying our best, and this is the most that you can do.”

In her 2018 memoir, It’ll Only Hurt a Little, Philipps explained that her lack of emotional support prompted her to confide in another man. “There was a man I was friends with, another dad. We had lunch and everything. Corresponded. We talked a lot on the phone,” she said. “Honestly, I was in love with him. I like him. Maybe I even loved him? He obviously liked me too.”

When Philipps told Silverstein that he wanted a divorce, he was shocked. After consulting with their best friend Michelle Williams and her therapist, Philipps and Silverstein began couples therapy. “This time, Mark has his own psychotherapist. And we started working on it,” she said. “But I also kept talking to my emotional boyfriend (for lack of a better term). I know. This part is such crap. I’m really sorry.

In her parenting interview, she added: “We had a lot of serious discussions and consultations and now he is incredibly involved in things that I don’t think he could have imagined before. we do our best, and that’s the best you can do.”

Philipps and Silverstein have not yet shared additional comments regarding their breakup.

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