Butcher trolls King Charles by selling sausage sticks

This butcher makes a great “chuck roast”.

A cheeky New Zealand butcher has come up with a unique, if brutal, way to cash in on the rise of King Charles III.

Avon butcher shop in Auckland allegedly sells sausages inspired by the monarch’s infamous link-like fingers. New York Post reports.

Posts detailing these Kiwi creations took the internet by storm after Charles took the throne.

The sassy butchers first poked fun at King Charles’s apparently beefy mittens in a now-deleted post announcing one of their new ranges. Mirror reported.

They uploaded a photo of the new sovereign with sausages on his fingers, with the caption: “I’m going to hell.”

While it seemed like just a wild joke at first, savvy marketers apparently put their money where Chuck’s fingers were.

The next picture showed a package of sausages with the inscription “King Charles Sausage Fingers”, which proudly showed off in the window of their store.

Meanwhile, the headline suggested that Avon had “limited stocks” of His Majesty-themed hot dogs, apparently due to crowds of shoppers waiting to get their hands on those trolling steaks.

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King Charles III’s alleged swollen red “sausage fingers” have been ridiculed for years. However, internet trolls have recently stepped up the fuss after the royal ascended the throne following the death of her mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

These meat taunts included juxtaposing the king’s hand with photographs of a sausage and comparing the removal of the ring to King Arthur pulling a sword from a stone.

“A reminder that these are the fingers of King Charles III,” read one of Chuck’s many “fried dishes,” next to photographs of the king’s hands, which looked purple and swollen.

Interestingly, the king once publicly referred to himself as “sausage fingers” in a letter to a friend before Prince William was born.

Dr Gareth Nye, senior lecturer at the University of Chester, has since speculated about what King Charles’ meaty fingers might mean for the monarch’s health.

The doctor explained that while “a variety of conditions” can cause finger swelling, some ailments, such as swelling or fluid retention, were more likely than others.

“Edema is a condition in which the body begins to retain fluid in the limbs, usually in the legs and ankles, but also in the fingers, causing them to swell,” Nye said. daily star. “Edema is a common condition and mostly affects people over 65 years of age because the ability to control fluid is limited.”

Other possible causes of swelling included arthritis, a high-salt diet, and medications such as blood pressure pills and steroids, the doctor said.

Despite the alarming list of possible illnesses, Dr. Nye assured the public that there is nothing to worry about at this time.

“Because of the swollen fingers, no immediate health problems can be inferred and is most likely a sign of his age,” he insisted.

This article originally appeared in New York Post and reproduced with permission

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