Canneseries Unveils Awards Winners – Global Briefs – Deadline

Cancers. Awards: Take the ‘Alzam’ and ‘Mr. 8’ home prizes.

German drama. Blame And Finnish offerings. Mr. 8. Great success at last night’s Cancer Awards, each winning two favorite gongs. Ferdinand Van Schirch’s legal thriller. Blame RTL won the Grand Prix for the group and Von Sherrach won the best screenplay, while Timo Nikki / Johnny Money Mr. 8. Via Play won the Lead Pika String for Best Series and Best Performance. Elsewhere, the Audience Award went to Serbian Crime Drama. wake up, The Norwegians won the award for best short form series for Leo Mariullah Mortensen. About saturday And Ezer Olive / Ann Bornstad. Countrymen. High school award for best series. The Awards hosted a five-day festival, which is taking place at the same time as Mipcom.

Arkham Panah In-depth experience.

Department Studios, Inc., Hazaraha Entertainment and. Warner Brothers Themed Entertainment, in partnership with DC, is launching an in-depth live experience. ارخم پناہ۔, Inspired by Batman franchise.. Organizers say the experiment is taking place in major cities around the world. London In the fall of 2022. The summary of the show reads:Batman Missing and Gautam City in ruins. Crime is rampant in the streets and civil unrest is spreading to every corner. Go ahead, ambitious psychologist Jeremiah Arkham, who wants to restore peace through his critical treatment and medication. Citizens of Gautam City have been summoned by law. ارخم پناہ۔ The show is not for the faint of heart and is registered as 18+. Tickets With tickets starting at 63, it’s not even a cash shame.

Increase in Irish budget

Screen Ireland, Irish Film, TV Drama, Documentary and National Animation Agency. 22% increase in funding The total funding allocated is .7 36.7M. This includes .1 32.15M in capital funding and .5 4.59M in current administration funds. The Irish government has also approved a new tax credit for digital gaming development companies.

Nordic Networks ‘Chelsea Spy’ lineup

Four Nordic networks have already purchased Acorn TV / ZF. Chelsea spies. British indie drama Expectation. The stars of the four-part series. The murder of Eve. Written by Max Arnold, a detective living in Adrienne Scarborough as a houseboat, and Peter Fincham, founder of Expectations. BBC Studios SVT of Sweden, NRK of Norway, DR of Denmark and YLE of Finland.

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